For tickets to the happiest music festival, hit the link below. You'll be taken to something new and exciting called INSIDER.IN that's got all our tickets, and our love. We only have limited tickets to the festival to keep the experience roomy. It's always better when your face isn't squashed into someone else's back (if you're under five feet tall), or someone's face isn't jammed into your back (if you're over five feet tall). Don't procrastinate, tickets run out really fast so buy yours while you can. 


If you're not sure which ticket works for you, here's some handy information. In a few weeks, we'll be adding a list of stores and cafes you could head to and buy tickets. Be warned, Community season tickets and multi-city tickets are only available online. You can also visit our FAQs section for more information on festival tickets.

Get your tickets here
Available Online
Available Offline
Special price tickets. You need to be registered with the NH7 Community to access these tickets. Valid for all days of the festival.
Season ticket. Valid for all days of the festival.
online offline
UNDER 21 - Rs. 2000
Major discount for those under the age of 21. Valid for all days of the festival. You qualify for this ticket if you were born after Oct 31st, 1993. Remember to bring your photo ID.
online offline
SINGLE DAY - Rs. 2250
Valid for the day you've chosen to attend.
online offline
WEEKENDER WARRIOR - Rs. 2499 to Rs. 6250
Multi-city season ticket. Recommended if you are attending more than one city.