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Parikrama is a six-piece rock act from New Delhi, formed in 1991. The band has almost become an institution of sorts in Indian rock and has played college, club and festival gigs around the country. The band merges the classical Indian instruments like mridangam, tabla and flute with conventional instruments like guitar, drums and keyboard.

The band consists of Nitin Malik (vocals), Sonam Sherpa (guitars), Saurabh Choudhary (guitars), Subir Malik (keyboard), Gaurav Balani (bass), Srijan Mahajan (drums), Imran Khan (violin), Shambhu Nath (percussion) and Ashwin Neal Mani (drums). Parikrama has opened for Iron Maiden three times, and is the only Indian rock band to have played the Download Festival in the UK. They are yet to release a full-length album.



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