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Indus Creed


Indus Creed is a rock band from Mumbai, formed in 1993, originally called Rock Machine. Indus Creed gained popularity in the early '90s as their music videos were broadcast on MTV which had just entered the country. The band released its debut album, Rock 'N Roll Renegade in 1989. They released two more albums after that (The Second Coming (Magnasound) in 1990, and Indus Creed, their eponymous third album on BMG-Crescendo) before splitting ways in the late '90s. The band has recently reformed with a new line-up consisting of Uday Benegal (guitars, vocals), Mahesh Tinaikar (guitars, vocals), Zubin Balaporia (keyboard, vocals), Rushad Mistry (bass, vocals), and Jai Row Kavi (drums, bass). In April 2012, they released Evolve their first album in 17 years.


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