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Posts tagged ‘Reviews’

What alt-J in Bangalore Taught Me About the Power of Live Music
The English indie rock quartet played the first edition of the Emerge Music and Art Festival recently.
Review: Pariah - Frame/Frame
The Pariah EP is a highly listenable release that's as cinematic as it's danceable.
Review: Hail Mogambo - Scribe
Hail Mogambo is the ingenious Mumbai post-hardcore band's grandest effort yet.
Live: Kid Koala’s Nufonia Must Fall at Roundhouse, UK
Our man Adwait Patil checked out a unique live performance recently; a robot romance graphic novel coming to life.
Review: Spectral Insight - Spectral Insight
Spectral Insight's self-titled debut is well-crafted but ultimately redundant.
Review: Thomson Andrews @ Boveda, Mumbai
'India’s first R&B singer-songwriter' performed recently in Andheri. He's in the process of compiling an album and going by what we saw, it should hold promise.
All Your Base 2.0: Social Justice Warriors
Social Justice Warriors, a training simulator for those who’ve been owned on the internet, while making use of an innovative idea, lacks certain features that could enhance its life cycle.
Review: Red Bull Music Academy Presents: Benjamin Damage @ Euriska, Pune
Welsh techno don Benjamin Damage brought a satisfying set to his Red Bull Music Academy Club Night at Euriska last Saturday. Read on for more.
Rev100w: In Hi Ko - Lifafa
Years and releases after Peter Cat Recording Co.'s astonishing debut, Suryakant Sawhney has finally managed to replicate its vivacity in another form altogether. Head inside for more.
Review: The Music Arena ft. Nicholson + Sandunes @ Experimental Theatre, NCPA
The new audio-visual format got off to an agreeable beginning, left some in attendance a bit confused, but is a sure sign of good things to come in the space of live electronic music.
Review: Music Basti's Annual Concert ReSound
ReSound was the concluding event for a 30-week music program that involved disadvantaged children learning about music from indie musicians. We were there to see the brilliant kids perform.
Review: Melankoli - Dhaka Electronic Scene
Dhaka Electronic Scene's new compilation is out soon and we've got an early review of these tunes from across the border.
Rev100w: Season One Episode Nil - 30ton Capacity
30ton Capacity churn out a decent debut, one with the right ideas and execution but lacking some much-needed polishing.
Rev100w: Spellbound - Midhaven
Midhaven bust out the most consistent and satisfying Indian metal release of 2014. Read on.
Rev100w: Hive Plot - One Sock/Placebo
An genre-irrelevant album that shines in parts but could have done with a more definite direction. Read on.
In Retrospect: Sunburn Arena Presents deadmau5 @ RWITC, Mumbai
Canadian EDM superstar deadmau5 failed to impress during his first-ever performance in Mumbai this month.

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