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Posts tagged ‘Reviews’

Rev100w: Spellbound - Midhaven
Midhaven bust out the most consistent and satisfying Indian metal release of 2014. Read on.
Rev100w: Hive Plot - One Sock/Placebo
An genre-irrelevant album that shines in parts but could have done with a more definite direction. Read on.
In Retrospect: Sunburn Arena Presents deadmau5 @ RWITC, Mumbai
Canadian EDM superstar deadmau5 failed to impress during his first-ever performance in Mumbai this month.
Review: Anti Authority Party ft. The Superfuzz + Grammy Winning Effort
Even the Delhi Police couldn't keep this reunion from happening.
Rev100w: Inside - TankBund
TankBund's sophomore is slick and enjoyable for the most part, a possible gateway to more unique perspectives from them in the future. Read on.
Rev100w: Shapes On The Wall - Black Letters
A relatively fresh debut from Cochin's Black Letters scores high on the Indiecision. Read up on why.
Review: Paralights and Snowshoe at Blue Frog
Lady Luck may have passed on Paralights last Thursday but Snowshoe played an impressively introspective set. A review inside.
Rev100w: Abiogenesis - The Koniac Net
A familiar warmth in The Koniac Net's brand of alternative rock makes their Abiogenesis EP worth the space on your playlist.
Rev100w: Re:cover - Shaa'ir + Func
Shaa'ir + Func's Re:cover shines here and there but ultimately asks a grim yet necessary question.
Live: Alo Wala & Copia Doble Systema @ Raasta, New Delhi
The Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist brought her tour of India to an end in Delhi. We were there and we've got the juice.
Rev100w: A For - Gumbal
A For makes for an interesting introductory statement, one that won't lodge itself into your memory but will definitely foster anticipation for what Gumbal have in store for the near future.
Blackstratblues and The Tedeschi Trucks Band Show Mumbai How It's Done
World-beating blues rock in the heart of Bandra? Yes please. Our review of day one at Mahindra Blues Festival 2014.
Rev100w: Scatter Nature – Your Chin
Scatter Nature is Your Chin's new EP and it's as impressive as his first.
Rev100w: Smooth, Relax - Smooth Relax
A new post-punk outfit out of the capital string together a rather agreeable debut effort. The Indiecision approves. Read on.
Rev100w: Binate - B.R.E.E.D
B.R.E.E.D's Binate turns out to be one the year's boldest releases and a step in a new direction for the veteran. Read on to know why.
Rev100w: Money Talks EP - Fuzzy Logic
Drummer turned producer Arfaaz Kagalwala gets a comfortable foot-in-the-door of sophisticated, global dance music with his debut EP.

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