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Posts tagged ‘My 2011’

My 2011: Gaurav Vaz
Gaurav Vaz had a pretty good year touring the world, topping the iTunes charts and featuring on The Dewarists.
My 2011: Monica Dogra
Monica Dogra has had a very fulfilling and eventful 2011. Also, check out her favourite albums she discovered in 2011.
My 2011: Ankur Tewari
Ankur Tewari tells us about his 2011, which included a flag-bearing fan at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, falling in love with The Dewarists and the foundation for his band's new album!
My 2011: Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy
The Scribe frontman tells us about the many pies he's had his hand in. Also, check out his top albums of 2011.
My 2011: Gaurav Raina (Midival Punditz)
One half of Midival Punditz, Gaurav Raina tells us about his 2011 in a nutshell, along with his top 10 albums of the year.
My 2011: Humble The Poet
Kanwer Singh has had an eventful 2011. He tells us about his travels, his first imprint, his first music festival, and also his top five albums of the year.
My 2011: Nikhil Chinapa
The MTV India VJ tells us about his global escapades in the year 2011.
My 2011: Warren 'Blackstratblues' Mendonsa
Warren Mendonsa has had a busy 2011. He managed to buy a lot of new equipment, wrote some new songs and even performed with AR Rahman!
My 2011: Sandhya Ramachandran (The Score Magazine)
The associate editor of The Score Magazine (highonscore.com) gives us her happy and tragic highlights of the year along with the Score team's top five albums of 2011.
My 2011: Dualist Inquiry
2011 has been a stellar year for Dualist Inquiry as he released his debut EP, a bootleg mix series and even managed to tour the country, extensively.
My 2011: Munbir Chawla (Wild City)
The editor of Wild City (thewildcity.com) tells us about his 2011, and picks his five favourite albums of the year.
My 2011: DJ MoCity
It's been a fantastic year for one-third of Reggae Rajahs, DJ MoCity, and he gives you his highlights of 2011.
My 2011: Sahil 'Demonstealer' Makhija
It's been a pretty terrible year for the frontman of Demonic Resurrection, but he's looking forward to 2012.
My 2011: Shri

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