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Posts tagged ‘Dance’

Panchatantra Musical Debuts in Mumbai
The two-hour-long performance will take place next week and showcase the tales of Panchtantra like never before.
Check Out: Quantic
One of the catchiest albums to come out of the Quantic stable, Magnetica ticks all the right boxes.
Byte Me Vol. 7: Me? DJ? Sir, You Lie!
Journalist Ambika Muttoo played her first ever DJ set and lived to tell the tale.
Attend an Aerial Movement Festival for the First Time in Mumbai
Because being grounded is no fun.
In Conversation with Shiamak Davar, the Medium
I met with the celebrated choregrapher and talked to him about his new show Selcouth, auto-writing, the spirit world, the apocalypse, and aliens.
First Listen: Death By Shoelaces - Nanok
Death By Shoelaces is an impressive, uplifting sophomore release from the 26-year-old producer.
#MixtapeThis 003 - Steak & Shake by Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic's serving up Steak & Shake in this Friday's #MixtapeThis exclusive. Tune in now.
Five at 5 - Vol. 223
Today your playlist comes from our resident dancer and social media hitgirl Heli. Featuring music and the choreography that goes with it.
Money Talks and More With Fuzzy Logic
"For me, the use of vocals in my electronic music has always been an outlet for never being given a chance to front a band."
First Look at Vh1 Supersonic Stage Design + Lineup Additions
A stage with a submarine and more in this exclusive peek into what Vh1 Supersonic will look like.
Sunburn Goa 2013 Goes All Out And Then Some
Eschewing the current "less is more" festival trend, Sunburn Goa goes all out with cruises, kites and a foam party. If that doesn't throw your December plans awry, nothing will.
Nikhil Chinapa Talks New Dance Music Festival
Submerge's Nikhil Chinapa gets candid about his new festival, set to be held in North Goa this December, the Submerge philosophy and his basic love for dance.
Quick Fix: The Vinyl Records, Bomb Thursdays, Urban Dance Tour India
In today's news, a new video from The Vinyl Records, a lineup for the next Bomb Thursday gig, and details of the first Urban Dance Tour India.
Quick Fix: Hardwell, Morgan Page, Monkey Business, 411, Fat Fridays
Today, big EDM tour news with Sunburn Arena announcing Dutch house DJ Hardwell's upcoming tour and Submerge bringing down house producer/DJ Morgan Page. Also brand-new gig nights in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.
Five at 5 - Vol. 123
A bunch of indie tunes and remixes on the Friday Five at 5. New Pearl Jam too.
In Conversation with the Dualist Inquiry Band
The Dualist Inquiry Band comprising Dualist Inquiry (duh), producer Sandunes and drummer Jiver talk to NH7 before their first ever live outing.

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