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Archive for the ‘Games’ Category

Chaos Theater: There Really is No Spoon
Alternate reality gaming is gaining popularity in Mumbai, thanks to game designer Shagun Shah and his Chaos Theater.
"I Used to be in a CS Clan"
Ritwik Deshpande profiles erstwhile Counter-Strike clan member Killermaanz in an attempt to explore how one of the most popular computer games ever made took over his life.
All Your Base 2.0: Social Justice Warriors
Social Justice Warriors, a training simulator for those who’ve been owned on the internet, while making use of an innovative idea, lacks certain features that could enhance its life cycle.
G "Force" Arjun Soars With New iOS Game
The former Jalebee Cartel bassist has been busy making video games with his new company, SuperSike Games, and we talk to him about his latest game, Yet Another Bird Game.
All Your Base: Snuggle Truck
Cute, fluffy animals need to get to the zoo, in a truck. Fast.
All Your Base: Anomaly Warzone Earth
Anomaly Warzone Earth is a fresh tower offence game. It looks great and has an awesome name. What more could you want?
All Your Base: Titan Attacks!
Titan Attacks! is Space Invaders meets Galaga meets the 21st century. It's fun and cheap, but ultimately short-lived.
All Your Base: Unstoppable Gorg
Defend Earth from terrifying alien monsters lead by the lizard king, Gorg (leader of the Gorgs from planet Gorg). It's all right actually.
All Your Base: LIMBO
LIMBO is probably one of the best platformers made in the last five years, and one of the best you'll play for the next five.
All Your Base: Saving The Company
Saving The Company is cheerful, clever and funny. You should play it.
All Your Base: Qopel
Tetris has a child with Jewel Quest. Their baby is kind of boring.
All Your Base: Bang Bang - Bombay Auto Rickshaw Challenge
Bang Bang - Bombay Auto Rickshaw Challenge's highlight is the name, and even that's not very good.
All Your Base: The Humble Indie Bundle #4
This Tuesday saw the release of The Humble Indie Bundle #4, which is jam-packed with some awesome indie games. Check it out.
All Your Base: Hell Yeah!
Hell Yeah! is a gesture-based, flash defense game that is actually good. Hell yeah!
All Your Base: The A.Typical RPG
This RPG stays largely true to its title in that it has, unlike typical RPGs, no appeal beyond the first five minutes of play.

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