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DJ Sarasa to Play NH7 Shakedown this Month

The SilverBoomBox will take our hip-hop night to Mumbai, New Delhi and Hyderabad.

15 Jan, 2014

Arjun S Ravi


Ever since we kicked off the NH7 Shakedown in June last year, the gig has become one of the few places to indulge in old-school hip-hop, R&B, funk and disco in the city. The gig has seen sets from the likes of homegrown hip-hop heroes including DJ Sa and Su-Real, alongside expert turntabling from the likes of DJ Uri. This month, the Shakedown goes international with acclaimed Japanese DJ Sarasa making her way to play three gigs around the country. Hip hop in India gets a shot in the arm this month with the NH7 Shakedown travelling to four cities for the first time.

Sarasa, aka SilverBoomBox, is a prolific DJ who’s performed with the likes of Questlove, Lupe Fiasco, De La Soul and Grandmaster Flash. She grew up in New York and started DJing when she moved to Toronto while she was in college. Over the years, she’s played shows around the world, released several acclaimed mixtapes and even started a lifestyle label called Mynority Classics. Her sets traverse hip-hop, funk, soul and house music, and she tailor makes her sets for gig she plays. In an interview with Acclaim Magazine, she says, “It all depends on what is going on around me, who is playing before me, and what music I am surrounded by at that time.” Expect some expertly crafted sets from this Japanese party-starter at the Shakedown. Check out a recent set below.

Joining the SilverBoomBox at the Shakedown are a host of some of the country’s best hip-hop DJs including DJ Uri, DJ Navendu and DJ Kan-i (who also played that bonkers adidas Originals Collision party at Dublin in Chennai (pictures). Check out all the dates for the NH7 Shakedown below and a poster for the gig that kicks it off in the capital on Friday.

Jan 17: DJ Sarasa, DJ Navendu at Raasta, New Delhi (details)
Jan 18: DJ Sarasa, DJ Uri and DJ Proof at D’Bell, Mumbai (details)
Jan 23: DJ Sarasa, DJ Kan-i at Bottles & Chimney, Hyderabad
Jan 31: DJ Uri, SU.1 at Loft 38, Bangalore

It’s not just the Aam Aadmi Party giving the capital a Shakedown

Never been to the NH7 Shakedown? Check out what you can expect in the video below.

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