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Preview: Good Sports @ The Weirdass Pajama, NCPA Mumbai

“I’m more like the Mandira Bedi of this show,” says Vir Das about the sports matinee at Mumbai’s funniest weekend.

9 Jan, 2014

Neha Mathews

Staff Writer

Any self-respecting sports fan knows that his/her favourite sport is incomplete without its token moments of embarrassment, wardrobe malfunctions and general half-assery that calls for Twitter raging. No collective match-watching session is complete without imaginative and highly detailed trash-talk that questions a particular sport star’s sexuality, morality and other entirely non-sports related factors. Enter Good Sports. Comedians Vir Das, Anuvab Pal and Tanmay Bhat are getting together with sports presenter/VJ/actor Gaurav Kapur and ESPN journalist Sharda Ugra to give you the low-down of the funniest sports events over the years through song, dance and stand-up.

So whether it’s that prestigious sports channel’s PG13 rated tweet, Zidane’s wonderful headbutt all those years ago, the Oscar Pistorius drama or Virat Kohli’s damn face, this show is going to rip the best and worst of sports apart for all you jersey-sporting, cricket-breathing fans to revel in. Sachin enthusiasts, you have been warned. Leave your dignity back home. Virat don’t care about none of you haters.


When asked what the audience should expect from this show, Tanmay Bhat was quite succinct. “Anything and everything to do with sports, the main sports events of the year, embarrassing sports stories, sports in movies, sports in ads, sports,” he told us.

Why should people go out and buy tickets for the show? Vir Das believes it’s quite simple. “Anybody who likes to stay in bed and watch sports channels on a Sunday morning and expects something funny out of it should just come to this show instead.” Don’t even bother to change out of your pajamas. Vir has a disclaimer to make though – he knows nothing about sports. “Tanmay and Anuvab are the vaults of sports knowledge here, I’m more like the Mandira Bedi of this show.”


So if you’re convinced this show is the one for you, buy your tickets and get ready for a Sunday full of sports and comedy. The real question is, are YOU the one for this show? We’ve got a little quiz for you to prove your mettle and waste more internetz time on.


1. Which of the following products have cricketers never endorsed?
Sangam Suitings
Action Shoes
Havell Fans

2. What is Manchester United’s current position in the Premier League table (PS. NH7′s edit team comprises only Arsenal fans)?
Please stop.
Ohhhh snap.

3. How many doping scandals have Indian athletes been involved in?
More than the breakdowns Sreesanth’s had on-field.
More than the number of races Lance Armstrong won on drugs.

The Good Sports Pajama show will be held at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre in NCPA on the Sunday, January 12, from 12:30 to 1:30pm. Check out the official NH7 guide to the Weirdass Pajama here and get your tickets on the festival’s official website.

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