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Pre-Pajama Briefing #3: Five Questions with Anuvab Pal

“If I was Miss Universe, I would question the selection process.”

9 Jan, 2014

Neha Mathews

Staff Writer

Movies, books, plays, op-eds, stand-up and lame interviews that will not be indulged – this man is going to take over the world of comedy as we know it before you can say mishti doi. You may know Anuvab Pal as the co-writer of some hilarious films like Loins of Punjab Presents and The President is Coming, or if you prefer to hang with the drama gang you sure as hell know him as the writer of the acclaimed play Chaos Theory. You may have glanced at his articles in Vogue India or The Guardian or you’ve laughed through his stand-up routines at some point. The man is everywhere. The Weirdass Pajama Festival (check out the official NH7 guide) starts tomorrow and Pal will be performing at some major shows, so we’ve got a tiny interview to get you warmed up for a weekend of intense laughing.

1. Tell us one joke that you wish you’d written.
Anuvab Pal: Eddie Izzard’s view of how the British Empire started. With a flag.

2. How many comedians does it take to make a really weird looking pajama?

3. If you were Miss Universe, how would you change the world?
If I was Miss Universe, I would question the selection process.

4. What do you have to say to a nation that wants to know about your thick, luscious hair? What’s the secret? Is it Shakya’s man juice?
I am bald.

That could all change, Anuvab. We present the latest in hair technology – Ashish Shakya Man Juice™.


5. If you weren’t doing comedy, which fast food chain would you be working at and why?
Why is that the only option? I have a college degree. Actually, you’re right, with a college degree that’s probably the only place one will end up. Shiv Sagar. I’d make vadas.

Anuvab Pal will be performing at two Grand Pajamas at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre in NCPA – Master-Full and Good Sports (our preview) on Sunday, January 12, as well as a solo stand-up show at The White Owl on Friday, January 10. We’re pretty sure he’s going to be hilarious. Blood oaths cement that claim. If you still don’t know what to expect (that beats the very purpose of this feature, thanks reader. THANKS.), here’s a short clip of where Anuvab explains just how brave Bengalis are.

Check out the entire Weirdass Pajama schedule at the festival’s official website, and check out Pre-Pajama Briefings with Sorabh Pant and Sapan Verma.

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