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In Pictures: adidas Originals Collision ft. Pentagram, NUCLEYA, Reggae Rajahs

  • Collisions comes to The Garden
    The adidas Originals Collision tour came full circle at the Garden of The Five Senses in Delhi, after some superlative showcases of original, urban style, sports and music in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. The packed venue saw some of the finest showcases of street dance, board sports, graffiti and original music.
  • Live Art
    Live graffiti and workshops on spray painting kept people busy during the early hours of the Collision. Zine from Aerosol Assassins was in attendance, along with a bunch of other budding street artists.
  • A New Scene
    Skateboarding's got a lot of takers in the capital city, and it's seen a boost since the opening of its first skate park - Free Motion Sk8 set up by Californian skater Steve Weightman. Read about the skatepark here.
  • Small Packages
    Seeing this, we could say something like "Look at the this little kid with her board. She could future of board-sports in India." And we just did. Skaters of all ages showed up at Collisions. More urban kids are looking to board sports as an alternative to the highly-competitive mainstream sports in India. The scene has well and truly arrived.
  • Big Flippin' Air
    The dance battles were definitely one of the major highlights at the adidas Originals Collision. Fiercely contested right till the end by the battling crews, it was hard in the end to pick a winner, but eventually, one lucky person did take away the grand prize.
  • More Sick Moves
    We repeat. It was a tough, tough call. The Collision may have helped to keep the b-boy spirit going, but we're hoping to see more shows that are this inclusive and dedicated to nurturing India's urban dance community.
  • Who hardcor? Flash Hardcor, that's who.
    Delhi DJ collective The Grind were repped at the Garden, with hip-hop and trap DJ Flash Hardcor laying beats down for battling crews in the afternoon. Flash Hardcor's had a busy second half of 2013 with multiple club and festival gigs across the country, and from what it looks like, a pretty busy 2014 too. Indian hip-hop DJs are bringing it back.
  • The Winner!
    On the right there is Abul from Roc Fresh crew and his fellow crewmember B-Boy Example, who was crowned winner of the B-Boy battle at the adidas Originals Collision in Delhi, bagging himself a cool Rs 35,000 in adidas merch.
  • The New X Games
    Definitely the first time we've seen it happen in the country - a skate area ON a stage. adidas showed up with half pipes and ramps and skaters couldn't get enough. Also makes for a killer backdrop during a show.
  • Packed House
    By the time NUCLEYA took stage at the Collision, the skies had darkened and The Garden of The Five Senses had truly come alive. And after that, the Koocha Monster was in control.
  • The NUCLEYA Weapon meets the Collision
    Delhi's very own NUCLEYA has made a naughty habit of obliterating dance floors and looking really chuffed doing it and his performance at the Originals Collision was just what the doctor ordered. A rather chilly night called for some hot-as-hell bass and dance music, and NUCLEYA delivered.
  • Vishal Dadlani
    That's Pentagram's Vishal Dadlani doing what he does best - commanding a crowd to get the f**k up and jump! This was just the beginning of a powerhouse performance by Bombay's electro-rock pioneers.
  • Bust a move
    Dancers battled it out till just before the beginning of the musical performances for the night. Here, judge He Ra looks over the battle along with Diggy Dang of the Reggae Rajahs, who took over the main stage before NUCLEYA.
  • Randolph
    Randolph Correia brought his A-game to the Pentagram set with his razor-like riffing edge and signature, top-heavy guitar tone. Correia's had a fantastically busy year as well, multiple gigs with Pentagram and Shaa'ir + Func and he's not shy of showing up in his Func avatar to play some electronic tunes.
  • The Finale
    Pentagram closed out the final adidas Originals Collision of the season bringing two very significant things to light - 1. Street culture, art, sports and music are steadily turning heads in the country, and 2. adidas Originals Collision's bringing all of it to the forefront. Until next year.


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