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Highlights from Day One of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013 Kolkata

  • Final stop
    The happiest music festival makes its final stop at Ibiza Merlin Greens in Kolkata this weekend. The Bacardi NH7 Weekender has been in Pune, Bangalore and Delhi NCR this year, and this first edition of the festival in Kolkata is the final leg of 2013. It's been quite a year for the festival, and Kolkata on Saturday, December 14 was in for one heck of a ride.
  • Say metal!
    A lot of festivalgoers we spoke to at the festival grounds on Saturday were really excited that a large-format, multi-genre festival was finally in Kolkata. These guys were stoked to check out the day's badass metal lineup that included Demonic Resurrection, Undying INC and Dutch metallers Textures!
  • The Demonstealer
    Demonic Resurrection played a bone-crushingly brutal set at the Bacardi Arena. The Mumbai extreme metallers set comprised material that went back many years, along with more recent material from their album The Return to Darkness.
  • Soulmate
    Kolkata loves its blues and Soulmate seemed just what the doctor ordered for the nippy evening at The Dewarists. The Shilliong blues biggies played a virtuoso set at the stage, with many punters being intimately familiar with their music. Pictured is frontwoman Tipriti 'Tips' Kharbangar.
  • Undying INC
    Delhi metallers Undying INC rallied the gathered crowd at the Bacardi Arena to move like their lives depended on it. It was a welcome reception for the Delhi metal biggies who gave Kolkata their all at the Bacardi Arena on Saturday. After their set, we caught them rocking out to headliners Textures backstage.
  • Wall of death
    Undying INC played the first ever edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune in 2010 and have come a long way since. Their set at the Bacardi Arena on Saturday was one of the most energetic metal sets the stage has seen this year. They even got a pretty excellent wall of death going, much to the delight of the beaming Kolkata metalheads.
  • Shashank Bhatnagar
    Bhatnagar is one of the country's best metal frontmen. He's got that vital quality of being able to get not only the kids in the front rows excited, but all the way to the back of the crowd as well. It helps that he seems pretty committed to self-harm too.
  • Zero again!
    One of the most anticipated sets of the weekend was this 6pm Red Bull Tour Bus slot for Mumbai alt-rockers Zero. The seminal quartet brought a greatest hits set to the festival, as they are wont to do during these annual reunions. 'Lucy', 'Hate in Em' and 'PSP' all featured in the set along with some classic covers like 'Roxanne', 'La Bamba' and 'Banana Boat Song'.
  • NH7 loves Zero
    Pretty much entirety of the NH7 crew was in attendance during Zero's set, which featured crazy moshing, singalongs, flying bean bags and more. Frontman Rajeev Talwar dedicated the set to his newly-born son Ari.
  • Raghu Dixit
    The Raghu Dixit Project brought new material from their recently released sophomore studio album Jag Changa (which incidentally was released at the Bangalore edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender) to their set at The Dewarists on Saturday evening. Kolkata doesn't get to see as much of Dixit as it likes, and his set was incredibly well-received by the gathered punters.
  • The Dewarists
    The Dewarists has always been one of the most popular stages at the festival and with a lineup that included PINKNOISE, Soulmate, The Raghu Dixit Project and Papon & the East India Company, it's easy to see why.
    Trust NUCLEYA to bring the party to the Eristoff Wolves Den. The Delhi bassman brought all the hits to his set at the Den, including material from his recently released Koocha Monster EP.
  • A festival for all ages
    We spotted this little fan rocking out at the Bacardi Arena to everyone from DR, to Undying, to Textures.
  • Textures
    Dutch metallers Textures seemed to be enjoying every moment at the festival and spent plenty of time hanging out with fans, trying out the food, and just soaking in that good ol' Weekender state of mind. We caught them backstage just before they were to play their headlining set at the Bacardi Arena.
  • Kolkata loves metal
    Well before the Dutch metallers were set to take the stage, we caught several metalheads gathering in front of the Bacardi Arena getting the best vantage spots to catch their heroes at the festival. The wait was worth it.
  • The Wanton Bishops
    Lebanese blues-garage act The Wanton Bishops closed proceedings on the Red Bull Tour Bus. Their set comprised material from their 2012 album Sleep With The Lights On and even a cover of Freddie Kings' 'Goin' Down'.
  • "Kolkata, are you ready?!"
    Textures brought the brutal to the Bacardi Arena, playing a career-spanning set much to the delight of the gathered metalheads.
  • Breaking Bad
    We're fans of both the TV series and progressive metal.
  • Papon & the East India Company
    Papon's headlining set at The Dewarists was almost a homecoming of sorts for the Assamese singer. Comprising material from his album The Story So Far, he had the crowd eating out of his hands with tracks like 'Boitha Maro Re' and the always popular 'Banao'. You can catch him today (Sunday, December 15) with the Karsh Kale Collective + NH7 All Stars at the Bacardi Arena as well!


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