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Download: ‘Taking Shape’, ‘In Reverse’ – Sage and the Comets

Sage and the Comets have two spanking new tracks up on NH7.in today. Free download inside.

14 Dec, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Sage and the Comets (formerly Fire Exit) are out in their brand new four-piece avatar and are releasing two of their new songs for free download right here on NH7.in. We spoke with guitarist Aashish Mandhwani about the ideas behind their two new singles ‘In Reverse’ and ‘Taking Shape’ and about why the band changed their name, became a four-piece and altered their sound considerably. Check out what Mandhwani has to say about Sage and the Comets, their album artwork and log in to download ‘In Reverse’ and ‘Taking Shape’ underneath.

‘In Reverse’ is inspired by journeys outside and within oneself. It is about going back to the beginning and finding ourselves. It actually started off a few years back with me and Subhadra jamming at an (empty) commercial duo gig, where we started questioning whether our journey into the field of music had gone into reverse.

‘Taking Shape’ was actually the last song on the album that we wrote. It is (literally) about the songs on the album taking shape. The album went through several phases of ups and downs with endless days of recording and re-recording until one day, Varun, in a new wave of inspiration, sat down and let loose his newly acquired keyboard skills and wrote the opening riff of the song.

I don’t think there was an intent to consciously change the sound of the band. I think it’s really a new identity that we’re trying to get here. Ok Bye!, Fire Exit’s debut release was extremely experimental. With the new material that we wrote after that, there was a difference in approach to the songwriting and a more cohesive sound than before. It just so happened that when took all this time off and sat down writing these tracks, it probably was the first time we were continuously involved with finishing an “album” and not just writing individual songs. I think this had a lot to do with the sound now coming across as more ‘together’ than before.

The four of us have been one happy family, we’ve stuck together for almost seven years now and I think there were so many new aspects of each other’s musicality that we discovered during this year-long break that by the end of it we discovered that we had shifted away from the space that was embodied in Fire Exit and we found ourselves in a new journey which we call Sage and the Comets.

About the compact band, no one wants to fly around a six-member band around! You’ll notice the lack of a conventional drummer in this lineup – we’ve tried a really cool (at least we think so) new percussion setup that you’ll hear in the future tracks that we feel goes better with the new sound.


Album artwork by Saagar Gavri.

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