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New Delhi’s Fire Exit are now Sage and the Comets

The alternative rock band change up their style and sound and will release two brand new tracks exclusively via NH7.in tomorrow.

13 Dec, 2013

Abhimanyu Meer


New Delhi alternative rock band Fire Exit have rebranded themselves Sage and the Comets and have started to experiment with a new sound, this change more rooted in ‘90s alternative rock than their previous style of music. Two songs that encapsulate their shift towards this more mature sound will be released exclusively via NH7.in tomorrow.

We’ve had an early listen to the music and it’s definitely a departure from what was showcased on their 2011 debut EP OK Bye. Whereas OK Bye (stream here) saw the band undertake a bit of a sonic adventure encompassing melancholic, acoustic-guitar driven alt rock, Indian classical percussion, and psychedelia-tinged electric guitar (and even some metal), backed up with vocal harmonies and all injected with a dose of the ’90s, the Sage and the Comets sound, at least from what we’ve heard, is a more rounded-out, mature sound that you can’t call very 2013, but is melody-driven, equally rooted in piano and electric guitar and more introspective in terms of lyrical themes. The band are also not a six-piece outfit anymore and will now perform as a more cohesive four-piece band featuring Subhadra Kamath (also in New Delhi experimental electronica project TankBund) on vocals and guitar, Varun Gupta on percussion and keyboards, Aashish Mandhwani on guitar and Aditya Roy on bass.

Tomorrow, we’ll hear from Aashish Mandhwani about the reason for their shift in sound, the renaming of their old band, and about the two new tunes ‘In Reverse’ and ’Taking Shape’ that’ll debut right here. Stay tuned.

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