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Highlights from Day Two of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013 Delhi NCR

  • From up on high
    The ferris wheel by the food area at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Delhi NCR was a huge attraction for festivalgoers who queued up all evening to get that premium vantage point looking over the happiest music festival.
  • The view from the afternoon
    That is literally the view of the festival in the afternoon, from up on the ferris wheel looking down over the food and shopping areas. It got a bit chilly up there, but it was totally worth it.
  • Kickin' back
    Festivalgoers were able to kick back in these inflatable Bacardi bags and catch some music on stage, or just relax and have a chat. We also saw them up in the air in the crowd during particularly raucous sets.
  • The Ska Vengers
    Delhi's The Ska Vengers have got style for days and some great music to match. We didn't expect them to have a crowd up and moving during a 4:30pm slot at the Bacardi Arena, but we were glad to be proved wrong. It was a tight set with 'Gunshot' being an obvious highlight, something the writer of this caption found himself humming through the rest of the day as he walked around the festival grounds.
  • The Revenge
    The Lightyears Explode played another signature, high-energy set atop the Red Bull Tour Bus to a steadily growing audience that couldn't resist their wild, alt-punk stylings and came running to the stage as soon as they were in earshot of the Mumbai band. Treating the attentive audience to songs off their debut album The Revenge of Kalicharan, the Mumbai boys managed to get the Tour Bus crowd to kick up a lot of dust.
  • Hey, that's Paul Meany
    That's Paul Meany, keyboardist and frontman of New Orleans rock band MUTEMATH, meeting with fans, signing autographs along with the band at the MTS Discover Lounge. A lot of hardcore fans showed up at the MTS Discover Lounge to meet their heroes, and also indulge in some Guitar Hero battles.
  • An Ocean of Happiness
    Nischay Parekh brought his contagious indie pop sensibilities to the MTS Other Stage with a set spanning material from his debut album Ocean (stream here) and received multiple rounds of ovations from a very attentive audience. He'll play his hometown at the festival when the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013 travels to Kolkata on December 14-15.
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks
    “Indie Coldplay” and “almost post-rock” tags are something we heard a lot as fans tried to described Scotland’s We Were Promised Jetpacks' sound. They played a great show to a packed house at the The Scene UK at the Blue Frog in Mumbai during the midweek (pictures) and absolutely rocked atop the Red Bull Tour Bus during their 6pm slot on Day Two of the happiest music festival. For a four-piece, the band are able to create a wall of sound, backed by heartfelt vocals and some manic drumming. The band played through songs off their two studio albums plus a brilliant rendition of ‘Keeping Warm’ that had the Red Bull Tour Bus audience split between rocking out hard or hanging on tightly to the person next to them.
    When MUTEMATH took stage at the Bacardi Arena on the evening of Day Two, the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Delhi audience knew little of what to expect. Their most hardcore fans, who had already assembled in the first five or so rows before the band even played a note, were all chatting about what they hoped would be their opening song, whether the band would play their favourites or not.
  • An hour of madness
    Over the course of an hour and twenty minutes, MUTEMATH put out one of the greatest performances the happiest music festival has ever seen, the kind that left audience stunned and absolutely euphoric. Paul Meany also let slip that MUTEMATH are in the process of recording a new album.
  • MUTEMATH Setlist
    'Blood Pressure'
    'You Are Mine'
    'Break The Same'
  • Stage-dive time!
    That there is Paul Meany flying through the air to land on the legendary inflatable raft that's a common sight at MUTEMATH shows. It was a valiant attempt. Let's just say the crowd buckled under all that heavy MUTEMATH emotion and couldn't hold on.
  • Michal Menert
    Michal Menert’s amassed a number of fans since his much-remembered, emotion-packed debut set at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012 in Pune, and following a solid performance at Mumbai’s D’Bell on Thursday night, Menert, who will be in India all the way through the Kolkata edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013, delivered yet another great performance to an adoring crowd who were waiting long to hear the man play his first-ever show in the capital. Menert’s love for his art, always evident on his face while he’s performing, had permeated the air at the Eristoff Wolves Den and left everybody completely elated. There were actually fans with tears in their eyes during ‘Summer Love’ (including this writer).
  • A Weekender first
    That's a new Bacardi NH7 Weekender treat - Bacardi's hot air balloon that took interested festival folk up a couple hundred feat for an unabashed view of the festival grounds in the evening time. With almost all stages live around the same time, it was quite a spectacle.
  • Kill Paris
    Dance floor-destined, glitched-up future funk and electro left a massive impression on the Eristoff Wolves Den audience as young Boulder, CO producer Kill Paris had a huge crowd jumping ecstatically and dancing along in the Greater Noida chill on Day Two. Drawing comparisons from all over to Justice, those other French dudes, and even Dualist Inquiry, Kill Paris (real name Corey Baker) dropped some sexy, night-time beats over his hour-long closing set, including a brand new joint that hadn’t been played anywhere before.
  • Kailash Kher working his charm
    You really wish you'd get more happy girls wanting to get up on stage for a bit of a jig with the singer of your favourite band, but it doesn't happen so often. Fortunately, Kailash Kher is a pro at it. Kailasa ripped through a selection of hits during their evening slot at The Dewarists that left audiences screaming for more.
  • Now that's a pretty picture
    The live, audiovisual spectacle of The Manganiyar Seduction by Roysten Abel headlined The Dewarists on Day Two of the happiest music festival, and the traveling Manganiyars had Delhi captivated with a set that, as intended, had most in a trance, unable to figure out which part of their body to move along with the music. Nobody complained.
  • The Bacardi Arena
    That's the view of the Karsh Kale Collective playing the final set at the Bacardi Arena from atop Bacardi's hot air balloon. With thousands in the crowd grooving along, it was a special feeling.
  • j.viewz in the house!
    Brooklyn musician and visual artist Jonathan Dagan, better known as j.viewz made a surprise appearance guesting during the Karsh Kale Collective + The NH7 All-Stars set and continued, as he'd done earlier in the day, to get the crowd up and jumping ecstatically.
  • All Stars Everywhere!
    The Karsh Kale Collective + The NH7 All-Stars, a star-studded band helmed by multi-instrumentalist and composer Karsh Kale have now closed out the last three (yes, three already) Bacardi NH7 Weekenders in 2013, and they brought their A-game to the Bacardi Arena in Delhi. The night’s performance saw a set comprising Collective tunes and some covers (‘Paranoid Android’, ‘Us And Them’ and featured appearances by Vishwesh K of Scribe, Benny Dayal, Monica Dogra of Shaa’ir + Func, Kailash Kher, Tapan Raj of the Midival Punditz, Paul Meany of MUTEMATH and Jonathan Dagan a.k.a j.viewz (we kid you not), and was a fitting end to the happiest music festival in Delhi that saw a massive crowd at the Arena take it all in before going back to well, Monday.
  • Secrets abound
    After a lot of the Delhi junta disappeared into the night following the big closing set, Swarathma held fort for a little bit at the MTS Discover Lounge for a secret set surrounded by some of their most devoted fans, all clapping along to help keep the beat. The cops did show up and bust this party up but it was still all smiles everywhere and a perfect end to the happiest music festival in Delhi. Check out a recording of the song 'Topiwalleh' recorded at the secret set here.


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