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Highlights from Day One of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013 Delhi NCR

  • The happiest music festival is finally here!
    The Bacardi NH7 Weekender rolled into the capital today for two days of great music, food, art, crazy dance moves, wild moshpits and um, eclectic headgear.
  • Happiness by the (bean) bag full
    The now familiar Bacardi bean bags were strewn all over the festival grounds and fans took to them like fish to comfortable seating.
  • Bombay Bassment
    The Bombay hip hop quartet kickstarted the party at the Red Bull Tour Bus. As fans gathered around the vehicle-cum-venue, MC Bob got everyone moving and jumping around. "There was not crowd here, but now I got my ego back," he said at the end of the set.
  • And So I Watch You From Afar
    After two fantastic sets in Bangalore and Mumbai earlier this week, it was the capital's turn to experience the Glaswegian quartet's badassery. The band played a greatest hits set including 'Big Thinks Do Remarkable' and 'Like A Mouse'.
  • Sampology
    Aussie audiovisual wizard Sampology brought his rig to the capital entertaining fans with, among other oddities, a Bollywood Audio Visual Tribute featuring clips of Mithun, Amitabh Bachchan and more.
  • Noori
    The Pakistani pop rock band brought some great on-stage energy to The Dewarists. Their well-received set included a short 'Hookah Bar' interlude.
  • From up high
    Here's a gorgeous shot of the festival grounds from the hot air balloon hovering over the festival grounds. It's quite a sight, the balloon and the festival.
  • Scribe
    Bombay metal was repped in the capital courtesy popular post-hardcore quintet Scribe, who wasted no time in getting the crowd pumped and moving. Their set included a lot of material from their much anticipated upcoming new album Hail Mogambo.
  • Dualist Inquiry Band
    The Dualist Inquiry Band headlined the Red Bull Tour Bus today, winning over many new fans who were waiting for Meshuggah's headlining set at the Bacardi Arena to start.
  • Zippo's limited-edition festival lighters
    The good folks over at Zippo have created special, limited edition Bacardi NH7 Weekender lighters and the dudes from Shiva Soundsystem, Randolph Correia of Pentagram and Nucleya were happy recipients of them. Can't get the lighter? Download the Virtual Zippo lighter app on your smartphone and install the festival skin! Details.
  • And So I Turn On My Lighter
    The dudes from And So I Watch You From Afar also dropped by the Zippo stall and picked up some lighters.
  • H for Happiness
    There were a curiously large number of Guy Fawkes masks being worn around the festival grounds today.
  • Rajasthan Roots
    The incredibly energetic and entertaining Rajasthan Roots headlined the MTS Other Stage.
  • Lucky Ali
    Singer-songwriter Lucky Ali played a hugely popular set at The Dewarists. His set included the song 'Khirama' which was written and recorded for the third season of the TV series after which the stage is named. Watch the episode here.
  • Nucleya
    The Nucleya weapon created a mushroom cloud of awesomeness at the Eristoff Wolves Den. His headlining set showcased material from his well-received Koocha Monster EP and brought to the stage its biggest audience of the day.
  • Vir Das' Alien Chutney
    The comedy rock, or romedy cock if you prefer, project of funnyman Vir Das headlined The Dewarists, much to the delight of the thousands of gathered fans (many of who bombarded our Facebook pages with requests everyday till we announced the act as part of the festival lineup). The band was joined by a choir who beautifully harmonised everything from 'Manmohan's Rhapsody' to 'Pappe You're The Dude If You've Got The Manboobs'.
  • Me-shu-ggah! Me-shu-ggah!
    Minutes before the Swedish metallers began their headlining set at the Bacardi Arena, fans began chanting their name in anticipation of their arrival. The band didn't disappoint, with one of the brutal-est sets this stage has ever seen.
  • "Does anyone in Delhi listen to metal?"
    Vocalist Jens Kidman asked, and the crowd responded with irons and moshpits. Many fans had travelled from around the country to watch the band. A host of Bombay metallers, including members of Bhayanak Maut, had come to the capital especially for this set.
  • Delhi loves metal, Meshuggah loved Delhi
    After an hour plus of bone crushing riffage and all-round metal badassery, Meshuggah capped day one at the happiest music festival leaving thousands of fans exhausted, but ecstatic.
  • Dhruv Visvanath
    The hometown singer-songwriter played a secret set at the MTS Discover Lounge. Check out a recording of the track 'Dover' from the set here.

    Day two of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013 in the capital kicks off in a few minutes. Follow all the action on our official live blog.


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