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Levi’s NH7 Pioneer Studio Five at 5 – Get Ready for Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013

Another great playlist from our homies over at Levi’s ft. Midival Punditz, The Raghu Dixit Project, and more.

15 Oct, 2013


Indiecision Staff

In the week running up to the Pune edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender (tickets, plan your weekend here), we’ll feature music by (and from) the many great artists playing the happiest music festival this season, presented by our friends at Levi’s. Check out the Levi’s NH7 Pioneer Studio at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender and craft your very own custom tee in minutes using a fully-equipped screen printing station. Pick the music you’d like to keep from artists playing the festival and get your own mixtape too! Today’s playlist has another diverse mix of music on offer. Tune in.

1. Ankur Tewari – ‘Teri Yaad’
Once again, the shaggy, acoustic pop singer will take the festival stage to deliver some heartwarming music to wanting audiences. We last saw him at A Summer’s Day back in March and can’t wait to catch him again.

2. Chase & Status – ‘Lost & Not Found’ ft. Louis M^ttrs
Off their latest album Brand New Machine, ‘Lost & Not Found’ will no doubt break hearts and blow minds at the happiest music festival this year. Still can’t believe Chase & Status DJ Set will be here in just a few days.

3. Nucleya – ‘Street Boy’
This just released a couple of days ago as part of Nucleya’s new album Koocha Monster and is just so playful and fun to dance to. We can guarantee a lot of people will be absolutely losing it to Nucleya’s set the festival. Check out ‘Street Boy’ below.

4. Midival Punditz – ‘Atomizer’
India’s electronic music vets Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj aka the Midival Punditz always bring a large scale party to the festival. ‘Atomizer’ is the big hit off their album Hello Hello.

    5. The Raghu Dixit Project – ‘Mysore Se Aayi’
    The brilliant Raghu Dixit wraps up today’s Countdown to Bacardi NH7 Weekender playlist with the big singalong. This is a crowd favorite as most know already, and it’ll bring the roof down on Pune over the weekend.

    Stay tuned for more in the countdown to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. Check out previous editions of Five at 5 here.

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