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deadmau5 will Tour India in 2014

Joel Zimmerman will play three dates in March 2014 as part of the Sunburn Arena series of events.

8 Oct, 2013

Abhimanyu Meer


News came in yesterday via Rolling Stone India that Canadian IDM and house (and most recently a fair amount of “CreeperStep“) producer Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 will finally tour India. What that means for deadmau5 fans is something like OMFGjfdsfndsfgreatestshitever and all, but for us here, at ground level, with so much going on this season, it’s all of that and also just another amazing gig fixture on the Indian concert calendar.

Major dance music festivals in the country have already seen most of the world’s top DJs and producers play shows in India (Skrillex and deadmau5 are the only two in the first 20 names in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll that haven’t played a show here), and most of India’s massive dance community has been waiting for an announcement like this. deadmau5 will play the Sunburn Arena in three cities in 2014, check out dates below.

March 14 – Mumbai
March 15 – Bangalore
March 16 – Delhi

If you don’t know what the man behind the big mouse mask is all about, here’s a quick glance through the career of the man now known globally as deadmau5.

We start with Zimmerman’s releases that weren’t put out on Ultra Records, namely his debut Get Scraped in 2005, and Vexillology in 2006. Get Scraped is by far deadmau5′s most diverse-yet-house-oriented album, borrowing liberally from electronic music sub-genres like breakbeat, IDM, ambient and chillout. Take ‘Message From Nowhere’ below as an example.

Vexillology saw Zimmerman bust out more dance-floor-oriented electro tunes and also delve into deep house territory, the latter a genre making somewhat of a comeback in 2013 much thanks to Lee Foss’ and Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations label and regular releases from Get Physical and more that are hitting the mainstream. Sample some of Vexillology below with ‘Apply Overnight’.

2007 onwards saw Zimmerman make up massive ground in the dance mainstream. His 2008 release Random Album Title was his first on a major label (Ultra, MoS) and is considered the breakthrough of deadmau5, where Zimmerman moves away from the more experimental music on his previous releases and embraces a friendlier, bigger, progressive house sound. If you remember that far back, you’d definitely recognize the track below. It’s the hit ‘I Remember’ with Kaskade.

Zimmerman’s last three major releases have been his most commercially successful and have even charted in places. 2009′s For Lack Of A Better Name had Pendulum’s Rob Swire collaborate with Zimmerman for the album’s biggest hit, ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ that’s blasted out of worn out speakers at a lot of house parties since, and still does to this day, and also occupies a pretty permanent spot on deadmau5 setlists. For old times’ sake, ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ from the Live at Earls Court DVD below.

4×4=12 was Zimmerman’s biggest output in the year 2010 and dropping a couple of weeks before Christmas, the album was another big success that charted and even earned Zimmerman a Grammy nomination in the Best Dance Album category. Here’s ‘Raise Your Weapon’, probably Zimmerman’s most recognizable singalong, both due to its solo success and the fact that it’s been remixed the shit out of since. Nothing like this to get people to raise their weapons hands at a festival. Dropped live at T in the Park below.

A lot of people dissed 2012′s Album Title Goes Here because it was “too experimental”, what with Zimmerman collaborating with artists like Imogen Heap, Cypress Hill, and MCR’s Gerard Way for an album that managed to sidestep the progressive house flotsam of 2012, and explore some electro-rock, complextro, hip-hop and ambient music. deadmau5′s recent sets have featured plenty of material from Album Title Goes Here, along with the big crowd-pleasers of course. Check out ‘Maths’ from the album below.

Zimmerman’s also got a show on YouTube called Coffee Run, where he takes a ride to get something to sip on with people like Zedd, Pharrell Williams, and recently even fellow Canadian Russell Peters (who is incidentally also touring India soon; more here). Watch deadmau5 and Russell Peters’ Coffee Run shenanigans below.

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