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Everything You Need to Know About the Red Bull Tour Bus Launch Gig

Scribe, Dualist Inquiry Band, The Supersonics, Swarathma and more perform atop a bus tomorrow.

4 Oct, 2013

Abhimanyu Meer


The Red Bull Tour Bus is now on the road and will make its first stop in Mumbai, tomorrow, October 5, at the Wilson College Gymkhana. When it finally did roll out into the world, it was immediately clear that The Red Bull Tour Bus would be a pretty impressive sight and what’s even better is that the massive frame of the two-tone superbus is going to take bands around the country and double up as a stage. And tomorrow, we’ll see it in action for the first time. Check out how it all came about below.

There’s a whole bunch of great music’s store for tomorrow, and here, we tell you why you should hop on for the ride.

Blowing minds and breaking hearts pretty much everywhere they go, Mumbai’s Scribe will play tomorrow’s Red Bull Tour Bus launch gig. Known for their signature brand of take-no-prisoners post-hardcore with lyrics that are both serious and playful (take ‘I Love You Pav Bhaji’ below for instance), they’ll undoubtedly be the heaviest band on the day. That stage better be rigged to carry all that metal. Scribe will are also be one of four bands that will tour on the Red Bull Tour Bus in different cities across the country. Expect material from their upcoming new studio album Hail Mogambo. The band will also play the Tour Bus (lineup) at the Pune edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013 in a new avatar – “Party Scribe”.

    Bangalore folk-fusion band Swarathma will also play tomorrow’s Tour Bus launch gig, and they’ll be bringing their signature sound that mixes both western and Indian instruments and songs that are socially-conscious, inspiring and just plain fun to sing along to (‘Topiwalleh’ here is a great example). After treating all the lucky attendees of tomorrow’s show, they’ll hit another part of the country on the Red Bull Tour Bus as one of the touring bands.

      Dualist Inquiry Band is the flexed-out identity of Delhi dance music producer Sahej ‘Dualist Inquiry‘ Bakshi that features 2-step producer Sandunes on synthesizers, backed up by talented percussionist Jiver Singh on live drums and of course, Bakshi armed with his guitar, dropping licks and beats behind the main console. As a band, they’ve played a couple of shows and they’ve already torn apart venues as a fully organic dance music machine. Read more about them here.

        Post-punk indie rockers The Supersonics are in town from Kolkata and you wanna catch them for sure ’cause they don’t come around these parts often. They’ll be rockin’ out atop the bus treating audiences to a slew of songs from their critically-acclaimed Maby Baking album along with some new material that’s set to feature on their much-awaited next album. Here’s a little 101 to baby making, excuse us, Maby Baking with The Supersonics.

          Scribe, Dualist Inquiry Band, The Supersonics and Swarathma will all tour parts of the country on the Red Bull Tour Bus. And if you don’t know already, Red Bull’s better-luck-next-time-Transformers live music machine will make stops at all four editions of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender this year (tickets), where it’ll be a fixed stage that’ll feature performances by other fine indie bands such as A Mutual Question, The Mavyns, The Vinyl Records, and many more. Check out a lineup for the Red Bull Tour Bus at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune this year.


          Also making their debut atop the Red Bull Tour Bus on Saturday are the infectious Kolkata singer-songwriter Nischay Parekh, Mumbai pop act Spud In The Box, and Your Chin, the indie pop solo project of Sky Rabbit frontman Raxit Tewari.

          The talented Kolkata-bred and Berklee-educated Nischay Parekh recently released his debut album Ocean on the NH7 Audiolizer (listen here) to much fanfare, and has been garnering praise from all over ever since his stand-out performances at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in 2012 and A Summer’s Day in Mumbai alongside Norah Jones and M. Ward. Take a little dip in Nischay’s Ocean below and you’ll know why you can’t miss him at tomorrow’s launch gig. Pro tip – bring your significant other.

            Spud In The Box, in their short two-year-long career, have managed to grab the collective attention of indie music fans across the country. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Spud In The Box’s catchy pop tunes (with some progressive rock flourishes thrown in for good measure; hey, blame all that talent for it) are inescapable. With the Attention Please EP (our review) already under their belt, these little potatoes are on their way to the big time, and tomorrow, you can get a taste of what they’re all about if you haven’t already. Listen to ‘Attention Please’ below.

              Raxit Tewari aka Your Chin has been slowly-but-surely capturing the minds and hearts of audiences with performances that are highly emotive and definitely dance-floor friendly, all pouring out from from the generally-reserved Sky Rabbit frontman. With an EP out earlier this year (download here), and fresh tunes to feature on his next release, Your Chin will be out, as always, to impress. Listen to ‘Your Chin’ below.

                Check out the schedule below for Red Bull Tour Bus performances, at Wilson College Gymkhana on Saturday.

                Spud In The Box
                The Supersonics
                Your Chin
                Dualist Inquiry Band
                Nischay Parekh

                The Red Bull Tour Bus will park both of its ends at the Wilson College Gymkhana grounds tomorrow, Saturday, October 5 and the show starts at 5:30pm. Check out the event page at NH7 inTown over here for more, and find out more about the Tour Bus at the official website.

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