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Manola Gayatri and Suman Sridhar Perform ‘All That Remains Is Flight’

  • Alternational
    Alternational is a series of monthly events in Bangalore which explores experimental art and music. The events usually begin with a DJ set by Alternational curator and founder Abhijeet Tambe (ex-Lounge Piranha) and then feature art, dance and theatre performances.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • All That Remains Is Flight
    The latest edition of Alternational took place at Bangalore's BFlat bar on September 18. The featured performance for the night was 'All That Remains Is Flight', an act by theatre artist Manola K. Gayatri and Suman Sridhar (of Sridhar/Thayil). Here's a snippet from a rehearsal for the performance.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • Snakes
    The show began with both artists imitating snakes. In the narrative, Gayatri is possessed by the snake.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • “Listen to a woman speak at a public gathering.”
    Intoned both performers repeatedly.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • Breath, and explorations.
    Part of the performance had both actors repeatedly blowing up balloons and deflating them.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • A man and his ego.
    During this section, Gayatri held a large red balloon at her pelvis and walked around the entire venue while at the same time, slowly swinging the balloon back and forth.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar
  • Pricking the ego.
    The performance ended with an agitated Sridhar pricking Gayatri's balloon with a pin. The burst balloon contained snippets and anecdotes that the performers read out to the audience to conclude the show.
    Photo credit: Dev Ambardekar


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