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First Look: True School of Music

  • The True School of Music
    The True School of Music begins its professional courses later this month. We took a trip to their Lower Parel campus to look around the facilities.

    After a few wrong turns in the labyrinth that is Sunmill Compound, the purple walls of the school were a welcome sight.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Welcome
    After the reception area, this large courtyard/cafeteria greets you as you walk into the campus. The school's efficient layout uses this area as a central point, with two floors of studios, classrooms and practice rooms lining the well-lit space.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • The Auditorium
    The school boasts a small auditorium which will host all of the institution's masterclasses and performances.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • The Drum Room
    The drum classroom at the True School of Music is equipped with ten acoustic drum pads, as well as a drumkit for the instructor.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Strings
    The guitar classroom at TSM also doubles up as the bass classroom, duh.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • The DJ room
    TSM's DJ classroom has ten turntable setups where students can learn how to DJ both with vinyl and CDs, under the guidance of course authors DJ Uri and Reji.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Keys!
    This classroom boasts ten keyboard setups, and will host classes for students interested in keyboards training and vocals training as well.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Production
    This is the Music Production classroom at TSM. Production students will study modules including Music In Advertising, Critical Production Analysis and Studio Production Techniques.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Hindustani
    The Hindustani Classical music course at TSM will be mentored by Shubha Mudgal.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • The Studio
    TSM's recording studio is also where sound engineering students will hone their practical skills.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Here, we record
    The drum recording room is one of three rooms connected to the main studio.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • And here, we practice.
    The practice rooms at TSM are large enough to fit a single student and their instrument of choice. The school has seven such rooms.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Ensemble jams!
    The school also has two such band practice rooms, where ensembles formed during the course can jam.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Where you'll find the teachers.
    This is the faculty lounge. The school's faculty have a large and comfortable place to chill in, with all the equipment they need.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai
  • Art!
    We spotted some Sarnath Banerjee prints scattered around the campus. Walking through the True School of Music campus, it seems almost impossible to imagine that a limited space can accommodate all of the school's resources, but the institution's efficient layout makes sure everything fits comfortably. The school is hosting free demo classes through September. More details here.
    Photo credit: Shalaka Pai


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