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Download: Stories Of The Places You’ve Never Been – The Family Cheese

The Family Cheese release their debut EP tonight with a show at Blue Frog, Mumbai. Download here.

28 Aug, 2013

Shalaka Pai

Feature Writer

Chennai/Mumbai jam band The Family Cheese formed when they were put into an ensemble together at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music to perform at a Nostalgia Night event at Star Rock, Chennai. The trio – Apurv Issac, Yohan Marshall And Homi Rustumji – ended up playing together a lot after that, and quickly coalesced into their current avatar. Their debut EP, Stories Of The Places You’ve Never Been, releases today (download below). The band has been working on the four-track release since they started out, guitarist Apurv Issac tells us, but they figured they’d take their time with it. “We recorded it last year and then sat on it for a year, almost. We played a bunch of gigs and then came back to listen to the material with fresh ears,” he says. “We took everything that we liked and we let the songs become… songs, you know, instead of just playing out parts. Now it sounds more mature and finished, and we’re really glad we did it this way.”

“Our album is split into two parts,” Issac says, “The first of which is the EP which releases today. We started off in music school, and this is like an accumulation and culmination of all our work, all the auto rides with drum kits and other such things.” This “maturing period” gave the band the time and space to experiment with their material. “We’re a trio, we need to sound full…” muses Issac. “There have been a lot of times when people have told us we need a fourth band member and we wondered why. Then we thought about it and started seeing what people were missing. We’ve now changed things around and have put out everything we could possibly do while retaining that full sound.” The band plans to release their music for free on all platforms. “We want people to get out music,” Issac says. “Even if we want to pirate our own music, we’ll do that. I’ve always wanted to do that. I’d like the music to go out as far as it possibly could. At the same time, we will be putting up a PayPal account for people to donate as they see fit.”

Their EP release gig at the Blue Frog, Mumbai tonight will see them play a couple of tunes from their next EP in addition to the entirety of Stories Of The Places You’ve Never Been. “We’re trying to play a no-cover set, but we may just throw in a couple,” Issac admits. The band will also screen their debut music video, for the track ‘UNIR’. “The video was done with zero budget,” Issac says. “We tried to do everything possible to make it look as awesome as possible. We worked with two of Homi’s friends from Bangalore, Yogi Kshatriya and Aniket Ghorpade, who do a lot of visual arts work.” Check out dates for the band’s three-city launch tour, stream the album below and click on the download link to download Stories Of The Places You’ve Never Been.

Tour Dates
August 28 – Blue Frog, Mumbai
August 30 – Purple Fest, Chennai
August 31 – The Shed: Potens Crossfit Centre, Hyderabad

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