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Five at 5 – Vol. 150

The Map Room, The Replacements, Modest Mouse and more on the 150th Five at 5.

22 Aug, 2013

Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta

As the Indiecision Five at 5 turns 150-editions-old today, Anuj Gupta spins what he’s been listening to recently. Tune in, sit back, enjoy the ride.

1. The Reign of Kindo – ‘Impossible World’
The new-found vast number of MUTEMATH fans in India has definitely taken me by surprise. The Reign of Kindo is for those fans.
A band just as talented, who recently released their fourth album Play With Fire. Here’s another gem from their new album, summing the state of the music industry today.

2. The Map Room – ‘There’s A Fire’
A little band from Auckland that recently released their debut, self-titled album. Its one of the only three albums I have on my iPod right now and has kept me going for weeks now. Gorgeous melodies and harmonies from start to end. Another tune that’ll have you humming the harmonies.

3. Parov Stelar Trio – ‘The Invisible Girl’
Electro-swing goodness.

4. Modest Mouse – ‘Missed The Boat’
I catch on late, but mostly do eventually. This song is poetry, layered with some Johnny Marr guitar-playing.

5. The Replacements – ‘Answering Machine’
The kind of song a band will never write in today’s social media and cellphone generation. If you’ve never heard The Replacements before, start here.

The previous 149 editions of the Indiecision Five at 5 here.

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