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Stream: Kaleidoscope – The F16s

Newbie Chennai act The F16s are barely a year old, but are already being heralded as a name to watch. We’ve got you their debut EP on the Audilozer. Tune in.

17 Aug, 2013

Shalaka Pai

Feature Writer

Chennai indie rock act The F16s are relatively new on the circuit, having only been around for about eight months, but their tunes have gained them plenty of attention lately. They played the India Bike Week in Goa last year, and made their Mumbai debut recently with a set at Live From The Console. Their debut EP, Kaleidoscope, has just released, and we’ve got it right here on the NH7 Audiolizer. We spoke to guitarist Joshua Fernandez about the formation of the band, and the EP itself. “We all played for different bands until we found each other early in August 2012,” says Fernandez. “We had similar tastes in music, and eventually we grew to be The F16s and got serious about the music. I guess we’re pretty fortunate,” he mused, “We’re pretty new and the fact that we’re getting really big gigs is pretty awesome.” The band also went through a lineup change when their original guitarist, Viraj Yesudas, quit the band and was replaced by Abhinav Krishnaswamy (of Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets). “We were friends before bandmates,” Fernandez says, “So he was the best bet.”

Moving on to the theme of the EP, Fernandez explains, “The reason it’s called Kaleidoscope is because every song has a different story to tell. With every song you get to hear different stories, just like you see a different design with every turn of a kaleidoscope.” The stories manifest in different ways, for example, ‘King’s Dream’, as explained to us, was about Martin Luther King, and about the concept of freedom. “‘Nuke’ is about war, trying to make peace, bloodshed…” Fernandez trails off. “Each song is different, really, it isn’t as effective when you try to interpret it over the phone.” The band’s bassist, Shashank Manohar, is responsible for most of the art associated with the band, and as Fernandez explains, “The meaning of the song is explained dually through the music, and through the art.”

The F16s will launch Kaleidoscope not at a club gig, as is mostly the norm, but with a house party on Chennai’s Kovalam beach. Explaining the reason for the unconventional launch event Fernandez laughs, “Although we tell stories, we love to see our audience dance, so we figured the best place to release would be at  a party with a pool, a bar and a beach… and us playing. It’s going to be fun.”

Check out some EP art below. You can also head over to the NH7 Audiolizer, sit back, and stream Kaleidoscope.


The F16s launch party takes place at Kovalam, Chennai, on August 24. More details here

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