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Lucky 7: Stupid Ditties Tracklist Revealed

The 27-artist tracklist features newer names including Hoirong, Bone Broke, Loch Lomond, and Dalit cultural troupe Kabir Kala Manch, and will be released next month.

16 Aug, 2013


Indiecision Staff

The seventh edition of ennui.BOMB‘s “un-metal” Stupid Ditties compilations will release this September. The compilation is a great way to discover new artists and music from around the country (more about that here), and Lucky 7: Stupid Ditties features a collection of excellent new talent from around the country. This year’s edition also includes a track by Marathi singer-songwriter/poet group Kabir Kala Manch, a Dalit troupe who’ve been in the news lately due to accusations of Naxalite links (more details here and here). We spoke to Rishu Singh about finding new artists, and his favourite picks off the album

The best thing is that the only people I actually went and asked for a track were Sky Rabbit, because they’d just come out with a new EP. The beauty and the best thing about this compilation are the new names, and none of them are as unfamiliar as they would have been last year. Bhanuj (Kappal) introduced me to the Kabir Kala Manch and their songs, so that’s how that happened. From the newer artists, I love the Nischay Parekh track, and I really like this band called Loch Lomond. I don’t know who they are and where they’re from, but they sent in an excellent song.

Lucky 7: Stupid Ditties will be available for free on the ennui.BOMB website and in CD form from September 28. Check out the tracklist below.

Black Letters – ‘You Say’
Bone Broke – ‘Old Man’
Dayglocrazie – ‘Prem Dibi’
Duncan Rufus – ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’
Flameshot Fakirs – ‘Moko Kahan’
Gowri and the Jazz B*stards – ‘Hindi For Dummies’
Hoirong – ‘Fancy Dress + Hindi = Awesome’
Jeepers Creepers – ‘Man In The Centre’
Jekyll & Hyde – ‘Sweet Loving’
Kabir Kala Manch – ‘Zopadpati Re’
Laxmi Bomb – ‘Reggae Rasiya’
Loch Lomond – ‘Dive’
mode.AKA – ‘andov.a’
Modern Mafia – ‘Arnie’
Nischay Parekh – ‘Ocean’
Planes And Parachutes – ‘Some Fries’
Polar Lights – ‘Empty Hallway And A Candlelight’
Sky Rabbit – ‘Where’
Spud In The Box – ‘Attention Please’
The Bicycle Days – ‘Conundrum’
The F16s – ‘Light Bulb’
Ganesh Talkies – ‘Dancing! Dancing!’
The Grasshoppers – ‘Purple Queen’
The Koniac Net – ‘Bricks’
The Lightyears Explode – ‘Late Night Song’
The Vinyl Records – ‘The Vibe’
Two’s A Crowd – ‘Get Over It’

More details on the previous edition of Stupid Ditties here. You can also download previous editions of Stupid Ditties here.

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