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Bandish Projekt Drops ‘Alchemy’ Video

After two years of perfecting the song, Bandish Projekt release ‘Alchemy’ as a single with a video that has visuals of a ‘New Age India’.

15 Aug, 2013


Indiecision Staff

It’s been a while since we heard from Mayur Narvekar, the man behind the fusion/electronica Bandish Projekt. Last November, he launched a new EP titled Correkt Remixed (find out more here) and even released a music video, which featured vocalist Shaa’ir (of Shaa’ir + Func), which nearly got nominated at the MTV European Music Awards (read more about that here). Now Bandish Projekt have released a brand new video with British spoken word artist Shane Solanki who performs under the moniker Last Mango In Paris. The collaboration was originally commissioned by South Bank Centre’s Alchemy 2010 festival but the song stuck with both creators as they kept performing the song live on various tours and collaborations.

Narvekar couldn’t hide his excitement about the video as he told us about ‘Alchemy’

Alchemy came about in 2010 when I met Shane and a few other people at the South Bank Centre’s Alchemy Festival. The track was born there but it took two years to get it right. We toured with the song and even made a different version of ‘Alchemy’ for the India tour in 2011. The sound on ‘Alchemy’ is not what people expect from me because everyone thinks I’m all about bass music, but this track is so much more ambient because of the poetry. I’m really excited about the video because of the way it shows India in a new age form. The visuals emphasize the power of the poetry rather than just the music. In fact, we’re going to see if we can do a production show which has live sound, poetry and visuals. This song will be released as a single and then it will be a part of the album which is coming out later this year.

Check out ‘Alchemy’ below.

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