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Five at 5 – Vol. 145

Today’s playlist is straight-up angry.

14 Aug, 2013

Nikhil Udupa

Resident Demon of Darkness

Just before busting out today’s Five at 5, our resident demon of darkness cracked his phone screen. The demon has been angered.

1. Fleshgod Apocalypse – ‘Elegy’
Fleshgod is a band that will fuck your face off.  Their new album Labyrinth is so bloody brutal that even the keys which normally annoy me don’t seem to matter.

2. Born Of Osiris – ‘Machine’
Speaking of keys, one band that uses them well is Born Of Osiris. Their brand of sumeriancore is pretty awesome. Future moshpit sound. So much angry chugging.

3. Hacktivist – ‘Elevate’
They are Brit and fucking pissed off. I love angry bands. You should too, because there is nothing to be really happy about. Great crossover prospect. Grimy rap meets djent. Purists will hate this. But fuck them, they can move to Bangalore. Sample this rhyme:
I wanna take down who’s in power
Like ground zero
Two twin towers
The president was a coward
Trying to take what’s ours

That’s why I like them

4. Carcass – ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’
Death metal is back to reclaim its oft abused place in the metal world. Gods of gore Carcass are back with an album after 17 years to show the kids how it’s done. I’m yet to hear the entire album but the single sounds like they’ve taken more from their slightly melodic phase than going pure gore and disemboweling prostitutes. ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’ is bloody fast, contains inhuman blast beats, tremolo abuse and gets over before you can really come to terms with it.

5. Gorguts – ‘Forgotten Arrows’
Speaking of comebacks, Canadian tech death pioneers Gorguts are back with an album after a good 12 years. Their lead single ‘Forgotten Arrows’ contains riffs so vile and dark that you will feel asphyxiated just listening to them. Classical hyper technicality, jazz parts, huge wall of sound riffs and a dark ambience. Loving this toxicity.

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