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India @ Outlook Festival Boat Party Sells Out

We talked with Bay Beat Collective’s Sohail Arora about the party. Also, a special BBC mix inside!

18 Jul, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Over the past couple of years, plenty of great, new Indian acts have been breaking through on the burgeoning bass music scene and a lot of artists have been getting plenty of recognition both inside and outside of India. One festival that has taken genuine notice of Indian artists is the Outlook Festival that takes place in Croatia. The festival is known for its massive lineup, its wonderful beach venues and infamous boat parties. Indian artists such as Bay Beat Collective, BASSFoundation and the Reggae Rajahs have all played the Outlook Festival before and have even played certain domestic gigs to promote the festival in India.

Back in May, the festival accorded Indian bass music with a special event of their own, an India @ Outlook Festival boat party. The entire Indian contingent will play on the boat on Thursday, August 29 (unfortunately, all tickets for the boat party are sold out). We asked Sohail Arora of Bay Beat Collective, what it means to play a boat party at Outlook Festival.

This is the first time they’ve given a country a boat. Most often, they reserve these boats for some of the biggest music labels at the festival. We worked really closely with the people from Outlook over the last two years and we thought it would be awesome if we pitched this idea to them and we were happy that they accepted. It’s gonna be sick because it’s a three and half to four hour party on a boat. All four Indian crews will be there including Delhi Sultanate who will play solo here for the first time and we’ve even got Nanci and Phoebe who will join us as special guests on the boat.

Even though you might not have a ticket for Outlook Festival 2013, here’s a superb mix from Bay Beat Collective that should keep you spirits up.

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