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Five at 5 – Vol. 118

Good bye, Five at 5! (from Vishad Sharma).

5 Jul, 2013

Vishad Sharma

Contributing Writer

The Indiecision Five at 5 is your one-click stop to check out great music curated by NH7.in’s editorial staff and users.

Today is my last day at NH7.in as a guy who writes about music a lot of the time even though he was hired to write about comics. I love comics but I like music too and so I’m going to make this Five at 5 about all the music that I’ve loved over the years. I hope you love this music as much as I do and see you at the next gig!

1. Digable Planets – ‘Jettin”
My introduction to rap was Eminem. It was pretty awesome. The first time I fell in love with the medium was when I heard the Beastie Boys (R.I.P MCA). It wasn’t until I heard Digable Planets that I realised the difference between rap and hip-hop. Digable Planets had flow, they had style and they had some of the most amazing rhymes I’ve ever heard. I’ve been listening to them again a lot because they’ve re-issued their seminal second album Blowout Comb. This is ‘Jettin.”

2. The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Today’
I was 13 and I used to listen to Beethoven and Mozart because an aunt had left cassettes at home and I had a cassette player in my room. Beethoven and Mozart were always name-dropped in all the books I ever read. My cousin who came over from Australia had a CD player and he was carrying three CDs. One of these was Rotten Apples: The Best Of Smashing Pumpkins. I ripped it on to my computer and it was the only album I ever had for the next five years (after which I finally bought a computer that had a 120 GB hard-drive). This is one of my favourite songs ever.

3. Zero – ‘Not My Kind Of Girl’
There comes a moment in every person’s life when what music means for them changes. I was of the opinion there are no good bands in the country when I was younger. My mom bought a ticket to a concert happening in Navi Mumbai for me. I decided that I should go because whatever, I wasn’t really doing much, it was vacation time and all of that. I went. The band on stage was Zero. When Rajeev played this song, they pulled up a girl on stage. When the music stopped, a bunch of guys started shouting “Bhenchod, Madarchod” and the entire college faculty looked askance as the meaning of music changed for me. I’ve often prayed the band will play this song again but I don’t really care and it doesn’t make a difference. That moment got me here.

    4. Rage Against The Machine – ‘Take The Power Back’
    I hated metal with a vengeance when I was younger. I didn’t like the fact that metalheads would go around claiming how amazing metal is and how every other style of music is really awful. Fuck those guys. Most of my school was full of idiots like that. From listening to Pantera, I went to telling everyone that Pantera suck ass. I fell in love again with metal after I started listening to Rage Against The Machine. I took the power back.

    5. The Clash – ‘The Guns Of Brixton’
    I think the one style of music I have always loved and will always love unabashedly is punk rock. The Clash were my introduction to punk and I have never really recovered. “You can crush us, you can bruise us, but you’ll have to answer to, Guns of Brixton”.

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