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Five at 5 – Vol. 117

Five songs by Australian bands you probably haven’t heard of this side of the blue water. Go for it.

4 Jul, 2013

Sameer Ghauri


The Indiecision Five at 5 is your one-click stop to check out great music curated by NH7.in’s editorial staff and users. Sameer Ghauri takes you through a journey down under today, bumping some great music by bands you probably haven’t heard of this side of the water. Tune in.

1. Grinspoon – ‘Chemical Heart’
I first heard Grinspoon waiting for Oasis to come on at amusic festival in Australia (I didn’t really need to tell you that, but I’m cool like that). No right-minded Aussie hipster (second only to Williamsburg) will tell you they “like” Grinspoon because they sort of had an an American-influenced, post-grungey/semi-nu-metallish sound which then went commercial. Either way, this song is lovely and a stand out as a cheesy memory from my time spent there.

2. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – ‘Which Way To Go’
Eddy Current Suppression Ring is a Melbourne band started by two brothers, one of whom worked in a vinyl pressing plant, which is subsequently where they get their name from. They are known for their “true blue” Aussie-ness especially hyperactive lead singer Brendan Suppression’s vocal delivery. Listen to this as loud as possible.

3. The Panics – ‘How’s It Feel’
You’ve probably heard of Tame Impala, Australian indie favorites of 2012/2013 who come from Perth, but not this little known indie/dream-pop band, also from Perth who generally keep their head down. The lead singer Jae Laffer sounds like Ian Brown on muscle relaxants.

4. Motor Ace – ‘Carry On’
If Noel Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft and their barber had a child, he would be Motor Ace. Lead singer Patrick Robertson led this short lived, mildly successful and largely forgotten band from Melbourne, and this is their best song which only reached number 13 in the Australian charts. For people pining for Brit-pop not from England.

5. The Sleepy Jackson – ‘Good Dancers’
So you’ve probably heard of Empire of the Sun, a great Steven Spielberg’s coming-of-age war film set during the Japanese invasion of China starring a brilliant young Christian Bale. Great film. You may have also heard about the Australian band Empire of the Sun (two guys, lots of Orientalism, silk, make-up and interpretive dance). Well one half of EOS is multi-instrumentalist Luke Steel who first came to prominence with his critically-acclaimed band The Sleepy Jackson, easily one of the most unique-sounding Australian groups of the 2000s. The band is currently ‘inactive’ what with Empire of the Sun (Steel’s not Spielberg’s) good run with the hip and beautiful.

Special mention:

6. Architecture in Helsinki – ‘One Heavy February’
Too amazing to fully comprehend. I once saw this Melbourne-based, five-member indie-pop group turn into an impromptu 13-member brass band musical jamboree on a tiny stage which was all kinds of amazing. This brilliant 59-second track made of synths and car honks gives you a hint of the playfulness of this band. Also, great name for a band no?

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