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Stream Sky Rabbit’s Where EP

The new five-track EP from the Mumbai electro-rockers is out now!

3 Jul, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Mumbai electro-rock band Sky Rabbit have released their new five-song EP Where for streaming through NH7.in’s Audiolizer (listen to it here). The band have been working on the EP since last year and is available for streaming on the website in its entirety. The band will also release the EP for sale through various online platforms next week.

This EP is Sky Rabbit’s first release since the launch of their self-titled debut album (as Sky Rabbit) in 2012 and will see them showcase a number of tracks that they have been previewing at gigs for a while. The band also previewed a couple of songs featured on the EP when they recorded their episode of Tehelka’s The Music Project, including an acoustic version of title track ‘Where’ (listen here). The five-song EP has been produced by the band and sees a marked improvement in production when compared to the first album (our review here). We spoke to Raxit Tewari (vocals) and Rahul Nadkarni (guitars) to find out a little more about how the songs on the EP were written and made

The songs on this particular EP, I think were written by all of us. The album was written more in parts and pieces, here and there, but when we were writing these songs, all of us sat together in a jam room and wrote all the songs. We just added the samples and stuff later. I think all the songs on the EP were written when Rahul played a progression on the guitar and I started singing. It wasn’t anything more than that.

You can listen to the Where EP in its entirety through NH7.in’s Audiolizer here. The Audiolizer features photographs by Vivek Manek. Check out a video of the band playing an acoustic version of their song ‘Maybe Is Open Tonight’ below. Stay tuned for a track-by-track walkthrough of the EP with the band!

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