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A Track-by-Track Guide to Sky Rabbit’s Where EP

We caught up with Raxit Tewari and Rahul Nadkarni of Sky Rabbit to get a track-by-track breakdown of their new EP.

3 Jul, 2013

Vishad Sharma

Contributing Writer

Sky Rabbit released their new Where EP for streaming on NH7.in’s Audiolizer (listen to it here) today. The EP features five new songs and is the first release from the Mumbai electro-rockers since 2012′s self-titled debut album (our review). The album was produced by the band and Ayan ‘Midicore’ De and features songs like ‘Where’, ‘Maybe Is Open Tonight’ and others that people who have watched the band play live recently will have heard. The EP will be available for purchase on various online stores soon.

We caught up with vocalist Raxit Tewari and guitarist Rahul Nadkarni (Your Chin and Snowshoe respectively) to find out more about each song on the EP.

‘In Dance’
Rahul Nadkarni: I remember playing like a progression and then, he started singing.

Raxit Tewari: All the songs on the EP started just exactly like that when he started playing on the guitar.

RN: Actually when he told me something like this is happening, I wasn’t sure what we’d tell you about each track…

NH7: So nothing really happened?

RT: A couple of them have something we could tell you about that happened but otherwise nothing. But that’s the most interesting thing about this EP is that none of these songs were around during the first CD. All these songs, we literally went into the jamroom and wrote them together. The songs on the earlier CD were all scattered – they were written here, written there, some were with one member, some with another but this… all of us went to the jamroom. Harsh played the drums. This is exactly how all the songs are written from scratch. Chord progressions.

RN: No samples or stuff like that.

RT: Barely. Everything got added later on.

RN: The song came together very soon. We didn’t have to sit and figure out what comes where and all that. It fit naturally unlike the other ones where we had to do a bit of back-and-forth. This was pretty much seamless.

‘In Our Times’
RT: What happened with ‘In Our Times’? Wasn’t it exactly the same as this?

RN: No. No.

RT: It was exactly the same thing. What happened with ‘In Our Times’?

RN: On that one we did go like back and forth a lot.

RT: It took more time. It’s probably double the length of ‘In Dance’ as well. It happened in two parts. The first time we got together we worked on the first verse and the chorus. Actually, the chorus we did a little back-and-forth on.

NH7: What was the back-and-forth about?

RN: Just the structures. That one felt a little incomplete for me. Out of all the songs, samples needed to come in for that one, I felt. For sometime, it felt a little here and there.

Raxit Tewari chills on a contraption of some sort on the road. More photos like these to go along with the EP stream in the Audiolizer

‘Maybe Is Open Tonight’
RT: We just wanted to have fun. That’s what that song is all about. We just wanted to have fun and we wanted to make a song that was at least ten beats per minute faster than ‘In Our Times’ because after a while, it just wasn’t cutting it.

NH7: So you only wrote the song so it could be ten BPM higher?

RT: Yeah. Pretty much… It was a bit of a rock out.

RN: I think it is the biggest one we’ve done yet.

RT: As in, it was really about letting Harsh really lose. It was like, “Go for it, man.”

‘Over The Rise’
RT: So, I think we wrote the initial bits of it jamming at his place (Nadkarni’s) and then we went back and did some more writing. We finally finished it off with the band. When we recorded it, it wasn’t really sort of coming together. For me, it was the track that really felt like it really needed some sounds. It could have a lot more sounds and a lot of strange ones at that. So when we did some jams on it, even after recording it.

RN: It’s like this infinite sustainer that loops a note for fraction of a second and then keeps it going.

RT: It gives like these really ambient sort of, but thick pad kind of sound, that is very unlike a guitar but it has the texture of the guitar so it is like really muddy. So we used that. Then one time I remember we were sitting around in the bedroom, we’re just trying to see what else can be added to the song and we were sitting and we heard the sound of pigeons going about just doing their thing and that somehow really fit into that and so we put that in. When all of that came together, it felt more like the track we had in our head.

RT: That’s another rock-out really. I think we jammed first with the guitar and then we wrote it with the loop. It was actually this seven-minute really psychedelic long song where he was playing the synth for the longest time and I was playing the guitar. We just jammed and we sang. It was literally like an eight-minute psychedelic jam and at that point it was just a verse and a chorus and this crazy jam where we were all just going wild and having a great time. I guess when we structured it, it became what it did.

Stream Where on the Audiolizer.

Photos by Naman Saraiya and Vivek Manek

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