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Watch: Desi Hipsters Listen To The Scene v3.0

We asked a bunch of hipsters what they thought about the bands playing at The Scene v3.0. Some of them are moving to Williamsburg

1 Jul, 2013


Indiecision Staff

The Scene is a free gig organised by NH7.in and Blue Frog every month in Mumbai. Previous editions of the gig have seen performances by the likes of Pangea, Big City Harmonics (watch them performing at the first edition of the event here), The Lightyears Explode, Skrat, The Circus and Drawing Short Straws. The third edition of The Scene (or The Scene v3.0) will see performances by Mumbai alt-rock/funk quartet The Hoodwink Circle, Bangalore comedy/parody act Live Banned and Chennai-Mumbai act The Family Cheese. The free gig is on Tuesday, July 2 and we will also release another version of our monthly zine, featuring interviews with the bands and other cool features on the same day (check out Issue 1 and Issue 2).

The Scene v3.0 will also probably see an exodus of hipsters coming around to deride it, because they can. As OPEN magazine has informed us, the hipster malaise has reached Indian shores and they’re growing in number. Soon, they shall overtake us and create an ironic culture so deep that the idea of irony will become ironic. In these tough times, we decided to do our own bit to try and cut hipsterdom out of our lives. In an effort to do this, we gathered a whole bunch of hipsters and made them listen to the three bands that are playing at The Scene v3.0, while recording their reactions to the music. Suffice to say, a lot of them decided that the music was just too awful and some of them are moving to Williamsburg.

Watch hipsters reacting to The Scene v3.0 below.

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