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Quick Fix: Wilbur Sargunaraj, Bangalore Open Air, Mumbai’s Finest and Guwahati Metal

Wilbur Sargunaraj goes to Pune and Mumbai’s Finest teach you how to do the talli dance in today’s Quick Fix. Also, a “running order” from Bangalore Open Air.

1 Jul, 2013


Indiecision Staff

There’s a lot happening in the world of Indian indie music and culture every day. Here’s our pick of the daily news, served up in one handy spot. This is your Quick Fix.

Wilbur Sargunaraj at High Spirits, Pune
Indian internet sensation Wilbur Sargunaraj (of ‘Love Marriage‘ fame) has been working to release his film Simple Superstar for some time now. The singer/musician/entertaining persona of Wilbur S will be playing at High Spirits in Pune on July 6. This show will be his first ever performance in Maharashtra and will see him putting on a “super live show” for the city. Apart from Wilbur, the show will also see a number of other performers take the stage to add to the experience. Check out a video of Wilbur playing live in Bangalore below to get an idea of what the Pune performance will probably be like. You can get more updates on the event Facebook page by following it here.

Stormbringer XI Announced
Stormbringer is a gig organised by Rocka Rolla Networks and Ozone in Guwahati. The one day gig sees a number of bands from the North-East come together to play some heavy music and just generally raise mayhem. The eleventh edition of the gig will see five bands performing at Ozone in Guwahati from 5pm on July 8. Entry to the gig will cost just Rs 100.

Check out the lineup below:
Aberrant – Groove metal band from Shillong.
Incidental Groove – Alt-rock from New Delhi
Death On The Horizon – Technical deathcore from Guwahati
Tick’s Talk – Guwahati-based progressive metal
Jupiter Island – “art rock” from Guwahati

Mumbai’s Finest do the ‘Talli Dance’
Rap crew Mumbai’s Finest (guess where they’re from?) have released a video for their song ‘Talli Dance’. The video basically features them dancing around doing cool things and talking about drinking and living to drink and drinking to live and other awesome things like that. The song is entertaining and the video features people dancing on the streets of Bombay, standing on a beach and consuming copious quantities of Old Monk Rum. Watch it below.

Bangalore Open Air “running order” announced
India’s exclusively metal festival Bangalore Open Air is back and will be held at Jaymahal Palace, Bangalore, on July 6. The festival will see performances by bands such as Dark Tranquility, Animals As Leaders, Demonic Resurrection, Sodom, Iced Earth, Ihsahn and more. The “running order” of the festival (or schedule) has been announced and the gates to the festival will open at 3pm. The seven hour metal extravaganza will be split on two stages. Check out the running order below and get your tickets here.

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