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Five at 5 – Vol. 109

Kanye West, The Weeknd and Tankbund make appearances in today’s Five at 5. Tune in.

24 Jun, 2013

Naman Saraiya

Contributing Writer

The Indiecision Five at 5 is your one-click stop to check out great music curated by NH7.in’s editorial staff and users. Sgt. General Naman Saraiya of the Hipster Elite Corps brings you today’s edition.

1. Volcano Choir – ‘Seeplymouth’
Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon seems to be the most qualified in the indie-sphere to ask the question, “Have you heard my side project?” Over the last few years, he’s worked with Kanye West, Grizzly Bear, St. Vincent, The National amongst others. Volcano Choir features Vernon’s mellow and almost-orchestral vocals and the post-rock leanings of Collections of Colonies of Bees. ‘Seeplymouth’ is a highlight off their debut Unmap and it’s good to revisit it while the sophomore release is around the corner.

2. Juicy J – ‘One of Those Nights’ ft. The Weeknd
The Weeknd recently sampled some new material from the upcoming record Kiss Land; a follow up to Trilogy. In this recent appearance (after the one with Tommy Hilfigher’s rapping son), The Weeknd hits it up with Juicy J in a video with a crime plot. While the song and the video are as you’d expect them to be; top commenter on the VEVO channel wins the game. “The Weeknd looks higher than Mt. Everest in this video…”

3. Grease Kelly – ‘Last Ride’
I discovered Grease Kelly on Soundcloud by chance recently. In a way I’m glad I did, because it combines dark vocals, grunge sensibilities and electronica in a way that doesn’t seem jarring or annoying. Assuming this is the first material Adam Scott is putting out, there’s only a long way to go, since he’s only just got eleven followers on his page. Check out his first single, ‘Last Ride’ below.

4. Tankbund – ‘Fake Belief’
New Delhi’s brand new ambient electro-rock project just launched their eponymous over the weekend, and makes for a good companion in the monsoons. ‘Fake Belief’, much like the rest of the album is meticulously produced and I’d imagine their live show to be encapsulating. Their 15-track album is available for free download off their Bandcamp.

5. Kanye West – ‘Hold My Liquor
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the second coming is around the corner (or is it over?) and Kanye wants to believe he is it. In his new, pretty stellar record Yeezus, father of North West drops some gems, including ‘Hold My Liquor’ where he seems to be apologetic and almost sorrowful about his misdoings, but the beats and the intricate production will swallow you, before you can think about anything else.

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