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Three-Day ‘Music Works’ Seminar Kickstarts True School of Music’s Activities

The True Music School have announced a seminar for people looking to learn more about the viability of a career in music. Details inside.

17 Jun, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Not too long ago, we announced that the True School of Music is currently under construction (read more about it here), but while the school might not be ready just yet their activities have already begun. The True School of Music has announced the ‘Music Works’ seminar, which is a three-day seminar on music careers that will take place from June 25 to June 27. The guest speakers attending the seminar are a formidable list of industry veterans such as Dhruv Ghanekar, Gino Banks, Monica Dogra, Dualist Inquiry, DJ Uri & Reji, Clinton Cerejo, Ranjit Barot, Nikhil Chinapa, Kailash Kher, Dhruv Jagasia, Brian Tellis (he tells us more about his relationship with FM radio here) and many more. These guest speakers will be a part of discussion panels, interactive sessions and even some demonstrations of the courses will be taught at the True School of Music. Each session will be followed up by the guests taking questions from the floor.

We spoke to Ashutosh Phatak from True School of Music and the Blue Frog who told us more about the Music Works seminar and the opening of the True School of Music

The idea of the seminar is to establish the viability of careers in music. A lot of people do not know about this and this is why the seminar is aimed at parents and kids who have a decision to make about the future and what they want to do in life. It’ll be good because we have guests who will be able to talk about many aspects of music and some of them will even give us a special performance. At the Barking Deer, we’re going to set up small courses for people to learn what we’re going to teach them. Our teachers and equipment will be set up there to give people a hands-on experience. We hope to inspire people to take on music as a career with this seminar which we hope to turn into an annual event.

The True School of Music will open its doors in mid-August this year but we won’t start courses till mid-September. In August, we will look to test out what we’ve got in mind and our teachers from New York will be here and we’re hoping to build on this for when we actually do start courses.

The Music Works seminar will take place from June 25 to June 27 from 11am to 5pm at the Blue Frog and The Barking Deer.  Entry is on a first-come-first-serve basis which includes lunch but if you want to confirm your seat, register for at info@trueschool.com. Check out the schedule for both The Barking Deer and The Blue Frog below.

The Barking Deer Schedule (click to enlarge)
Schedule - The Barking Deer

The Blue Frog Schedule (click to enlarge)
Schedule - The Blue Frog

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