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Five at 5 – Vol. 103

Dharam Saraviya is taking you on a journey of future sounds in today’s Five at 5. Tune in.

14 Jun, 2013

Dharam Saraviya


The Indiecision Five at 5 is your one-click stop to check out great music curated by NH7.in’s editorial staff and users. Today, Dharam Saraviya takes you on an electronica joyride.

Today’s edition will help you sift through the grime towards minimal glitchy goodness, mind bending beats and psychedelic overtones. The best time to listen to this bunch would be your drive back home at 5am on a Saturday morning.

1. Daedelus – ‘Flying Sail’ feat. Computer Jay
Daedelus is a part of the Brainfeeder Collective from LA, known for his improvisational live sets. His latest release, the Looking Ocean EP showcases his affinity for free jazz with coloured synths broken down with complex percussive patterns and relentless hi-hats.

2. Gold Panda – ‘Burnt Out Car In A Forest’
’70s glitchy radio signal static samples with pitter-patter beats that drive the message home. A British artist who moved to Germany, something I see as him distancing himself from the “bass revolution” or maybe to just embrace the warmth of german techno, captures the essence of post-modern music with his latest  Trust EP.

3. Jon Hopkins – ‘Open Eye Signal’
Jon Hopkins is a master of electro-acoustic interludes and his latest LP Immunity is his finest effort yet. The anxiousness and the relentless build on this tune leaves you yearning for release, although you definitely cant quit this one. The single has been on loop on my playlist for a while before the album finally dropped.

4. Joy Orbison – ‘Hyph Mngo (Wayvee Remix)’
Joy Orbison is a prominent post-dubstep figure in the UK. His first ‘hyph’ed single ‘Hyph Mngo’ is arguably his best work too. Wayvee from NZ lays the trap on this future garage classic to delightful results.

5. Minilogue – ‘Clouds And Water (Rrose Remix)’
Minilogue are a minimal duo from Sweden. The dollops of cheddar associated with minimal tech aside, these guys are definitely the pioneers with their hypnotic grooves, spliced synths and glitchy bleeps. Rrose delivers a great take on Minilogue’s gem, amplifying the intensity no-end. This one’s a downer with twist.

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