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Himachal Gets New Music Festival Frost Bite 2013

The festival will see performances by acts as varied as Skazi and Thermal And A Quarter in Manali this month.

12 Jun, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Himachal Pradesh, recently in the news for rave parties dealing with mafia and sex, will host a brand new music festival this month. The two-day event, called Frost Bite 2013, will take place on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23. The event will see performances by a number of acts, including Bangalore band Thermal And A Quarter (pictured outside) and celebrated psytrance DJ Skazi (pictured inside). Frost Bite 2013 will be held in an area called Raison, in the Kullu Valley and will be a camping festival held on the premises of a place called the Morpheus Resorts. Along with the festival provided accommodation, festival goers can also book themselves tents with White Collar Hippie or the more adventurous attendees can set up their own camp.

But first, the lineup. The festival has apparently not announced their complete lineup right now. They will be confirming more artists as the festival nears but currently, as it stands, the two-day festival will see performances by the following acts:

Skazi (Psytrance)
Thermal And A Quarter (Rock)
Vinayak^a (Progressive Trance)
DJ Vipul Angirish (House)
Toyz In Panic (Techno – Live Percussion)
Wasted Soul (Metal)
Shubhank Sharma and The Band (Singer-songwriter)
Weird Anxiety (Black metal)

The tickets for the two-day event can be purchased here. As the situation stands currently, attendees can avail certain packages until certain dates. Here’s a small ticket breakdown for those interested:

Early Bird Tickets
Tickets purchased before June 15 will be the cheapest. Entry to the festival will only cost Rs 2,500 while those preferring to camp at the festival will have to shell out Rs 4,000. These tickets will only be available to people who book prior to June 15.

Post-Early-Bird-Pre-Festival Tickets
From June 16 onwards, up until June 21, entry to the festival will cost Rs 3,000 and entry plus camping will cost Rs 4,500.

On-The-Spot Tickets
Tickets purchased on the days of the festival will cost Rs 3,500 and 5,000.

The organisers are also offering a special package “for couples” wherein attendees are given a wooden hut with an attached bathroom, breakfast for two days and entry to the festival on both days for Rs 10,000.

Here’s Skazi performing his song ‘Talking About Love’ live in Israel below.

White Collar Hippie, who are also offering accommodation at the festival, have packages that include breakfast on both days, a bonfire and barbecue (no dinner), clean bathrooms with water, toilet paper and an attendant to keep it clean, separate loos for girls and guys, taxi service to and from the festival, a leisure zone with games, books and music. White Collar Hippie are also offering three packages, all named after sci-fi or fantasy characters for some reason. Here are the details.

Jabba The Hut
This accommodation will be shared between four people and will cost Rs 7,100 per person if booked before June 15. If booked after, it will cost Rs 7,600 per person, for both nights. This will also entitle the buyer to a mat, a sleeping bag and a two-day pass to the festival.

Miss Hobbit
The package will be shared only between two people and will cost Rs 7,500 per person before June 15 and Rs 8,000 per person after June 15. The package will otherwise give you the same benefits as the previous one.

Mr Longbottom
This final package will cost Rs 8,500 per person before June 15 and Rs 9,000 per person after June 15 and instead of mats and sleeping bags, will give you access to beds, pillows and blankets. The accommodation can be shared by two people.

Find out more from their Facebook page here.

More from the Frost Bite Festival as we find out. Follow their Facebook event page (here) for details or to contact the organisers. For now, check out Thermal And A Quarter playing their song ‘Meter Mele One-And-A-Half’ live at the EMP Studios in Seattle.

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