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Gig Preview: Bombay Asylum Edition One

The first edition of the metal gig series will see performances by Albatross, Nothnegal and Hacride in Andheri tomorrow night.

12 Jun, 2013


Indiecision Staff

Bombay Asylum is a series of regular metal gigs that will take place in Andheri starting tomorrow night. In a weirdly-inaccurately-spiritual sort of way, if the gigs are regular and varied enough, the venue will be picking up where the now closed B-69 left off and providing city metal kids with a place where they can enjoy heavy metal sans too many interruptions. The series is a fortnightly offering and the first edition of Bombay Asylum, taking place on Thursday, June 13, will feature performances by horror metallers Albatross (pictured outside), Maldivian heavy metal band Nothnegal and French metal band Hacride (pictured inside). Nothnegal and Hacride are also on tour in the country as part of Deccan Rock III (details here).

The show will start at about 8:30pm at Club Escape in Andheri and the first band on the bill will be Albatross. The band were asked to come on board after Reptilian Death, who were originally scheduled to play, had to cancel because vocalist Vinay Venkatesh sustained injuries in a road accident. Albatross are planning to play a standard one-hour set which they haven’t done in a long time. Their most recent outing at the Blue Frog (Mumbai), as part of the Blue Frog Metal Nights, was cut short due to time constraints and the band couldn’t complete their set, cutting down a few tracks. Albatross will be playing material from their latest release The Kissing Flies as well as a couple of covers including Motorhead’s ‘God Was Never On Your Side’.

Listen to ‘God Was Never On Your Side’ as performed by Albatross below.

The next band on the bill is Nothnegal. The Maldivian heavy metal band are gearing to launch a new EP on July 9 and will most definitely be playing new material off it. The EP seems to have a concept and is apparently about “the supernatural realm and people who have experienced paranormal encounters and/or have been possessed, offering a glimpse into these beings and false conspiracies.” The band have also previously played in the country, opening for Opeth at Summer Storm 2012 (photos here, report here) and received a fair response from Indian audiences for their symphonic brand of technical heavy metal.

Here is a clip of Nothnegal in Bangalore performing at Summer Storm 2012.

The final band on the bill are Hacride who will be performing in Andheri for the second time. The first time was when the band were scheduled to play a gig that got cancelled and instead ended up playing at B-69 in Andheri. The band are here to promote the release of their new, album Back To Where You’ve Never Been, and will be playing material off it. The band’s sound has been likened to technical death metal giants Meshuggah at times and their brand of crisp metal is nice to listen to on record, so it will be interesting to see how their sound pans out live. The band’s massive breakdowns and inventive song structures will help as well, promising what seems to be a very entertaining set. Of course, watching a metal band from France play in Andheri is something special in itself.

Check out Hacride playing their song ‘Overcome’ live in Rio Grande, below.

Bombay Asylum Edition One is on Thursday, June 13 at Club Escape in Andheri (West) and if you hurry, you can get discounted tickets Rs 400 (regular, entry including a cover charge) or Rs 250 (only entry) if you are a student, from here. Tickets can also be purchased at the venue on the day of the gig, paying Rs 500 for a regular ticket (Rs 200 entry, Rs 300 cover) and Rs 300 for students (only entry). You can get more details about the gig through their website. Stay tuned for an interview with Hacride which will be up on NH7.in soon!

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