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Announcing The Scene v3.0

Beat the monsoon blues with a brand new edition of The Scene coming to Blue Frog next month featuring three exciting new acts. Yup, still a free gig!

11 Jun, 2013


Indiecision Staff

After concluding two great editions of The Scene, we’ve decided to liven up the monsoon torpor with news about The Scene (v3.0). The third edition of Blue Frog and NH7.in’s series of free gigs will be held on Tuesday, July 2 and will feature three acts fresh out of the oven for what looks to be a great show. If you weren’t at the last two editions of The Scene and missed out on all the awesome performances by The Lightyears Explode, Skrat, Big City Harmonics (The Scene (v1.0)photos and zine), Pangea, Drawing Short Straws and The Circus (The Scene (v2.0)posters, playlists, photos, zine), too bad for you. The three acts playing at The Scene v 3.0 are Mumbai alt-rockers The Hoodwink Circle, Chennai/Mumbai band The Family Cheese (pictured outside) and Bangalore rock act Live Banned (pictured inside) and you should watch out for interviews with each act in the upcoming edition of The Scene Zine (v3.0) as well. If all of the above is not hype enough for why you should check the gig out, here are a few more reasons.

1. Bangalore’s Live Banned are a pretty crazy act (read our interview with them here) and they sing about things like auto rickshaws and why they are troublesome. They also make great music videos and like to dress up a lot. The Scene will also be the first time the band will play in Mumbai. Watch the band’s hilarious video for their song ‘The Auto Tune’ below.

2. The Family Cheese haven’t played in the city for quite a while now and from all the times we’ve seen them live, they’ve always seemed like a promising act. They also apparently like breakfast for some reason and so do we. Listen to some of their music below.

    3. The Hoodwink Circle have been playing live in the city for some time now. They have also been recording their upcoming album (details here) and it looks like they’ll be playing a lot of new material from that album. Watch them play their song ‘Smiles’ at Midicore Studios below to get an idea of what they’re all about.

    Apart from all this (and some respite from the muck and the rain), there will be Frog quarters on sale throughout the night at the venue and you’ll be able to buy some great merch and posters at the gig. Bands interested in selling their merch at the gig can send an email to Nikhil Udupa (nikhil dot udupa at nh7 dot in) and get things going. We’ll also be hosting the regular poster design contest and interested parties can send in their entries to kvlt at nh7 dot in. The last date for sending in poster entries is June 24 and the winning posters, as always, will be printed and made available for sale at the concert. Last edition’s contest was won by Anirudh Singh of Nuclear Puke Designs, who will get an NH7.in goody bag and a week’s worth of free entry to the Blue Frog, Mumbai whenever he is in town! Check out his entry along with other entries here.

    That’s really all from The Scene for now. Check out a poster for The Scene (v3.0) below.

    The Scene (v3.0) will take place on Tuesday, July 2 at Blue Frog, Mumbai and entry to the event will be FREE! Stay tuned for more from The Scene!

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