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This Week inTown: June 10-16

NH7 inTown guru Sharanya takes you through her picks of what’s happening in Mumbai city this week.

10 Jun, 2013

Sharanya Subramaniyan

The Girl inTown

Since the dawn of time, before man learned to draw things on walls, start fires and decided that a tail wasn’t really his thing, humankind has been plagued by one persistent conundrum – “I’m bored ya, what to do?”  While it has presented itself in various ways, from “There’s nothing to do, the wheel is like so neolithic” to “Wazzaaa” to ‘Yo, what scenes bro?’ the problem has stayed the same. Until now.

With NH7 inTown, we hook you up with the coolest events happening in the Mumbai. Here are some we’re looking forward to this week. Click on the event titles for details.

John Mayer tribute at Blue Frog, Mumbai
Let’s not pretend you don’t know all the words to ‘Your Body is A Wonderland’. This is a no judgment zone.

BPB and Olive Bar and Kitchen brunch class
The only sure indicator that you have arrived in life is when you can throw a great brunch (and when you can talk about the kinds of cheese without giggling). Chef Thomas Zacharias is your guide.

Red Ant Dream at Alliance Francaise
A documentary about the working class in Punjab, Odisha and Bastar who live with revolutionary ideals.

NCPA Cheer Festival
Yes, yes, the rain sucks, yes yes, the BMC is useless. But hey, here’s a chance to sit in a lovely auditorium, eat chutney sandwiches and laugh. Three days of stand-up comedy, open mic nights, improv and workshops.

Bombay Asylum at Club Escape
Wear comfortable shoes, shampoo and condition your long tresses and get ready to head bang. French band Hacride, Nothnegal from Maldvies and Mumbai’s Reptilian Death are here.

UPDATE: Reptilian Death will not be playing the Bombay Asylum show. They will be replaced by Mumbai horror metal act Albatross.

Celebrating Legendary Women Jazz Vocalists at NCPA
Hidekai Tokunaga, Tala Faral and Samantha Edwards pay tribute to Sarah Vaughan, Betty Carter, Carmen McRae and other amazing women that lent their voice to the jazz scene.

Go to the NH7 inTown page for more details. Download inTown for iOS here and for Android from the Google Play Store here

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