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Rip ‘N’ Run – Eskmo, Boards of Canada, Black Sabbath, headshotboyz

… and a whole lot of steals in electronic music in this week’s Rip ‘N’ Run.

10 Jun, 2013

Abhimanyu Meer


Taking a cue from the irrefutable king of ripping and running, we bring you the sweetest, the most bomb dot com deals in digital music this week. And, we answer the three Ws for you too. 


What: Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest
Where: iTunes – Rs 120
Why:  BoC’s Tomorrow’s Harvest is already on iTunes store India (it drops in the US tomorrow). Get it before the rest of the world does. P.S. It’s amazing. Didn’t really have to say that, did I?


What: Black Sabbath – 13 (Deluxe Version)
Where: iTunes – Rs 200
Why: Why? Because it’s Black Sabbath, and no matter how much you deny it now, you’ve been itching to know (for better or worse) what Ozzy can still come up with. I’m an old fan so I’ll leave my opinion out of this one.


What: The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow
Where: iTunes – Rs 120
Why: I’ve only ever listened to one album by The Black Angels and it’s this one. If you like modern psychedelia, this one’s a rather weird trip. You’ll definitely be making comparisons to The Doors. Can’t be a bad thing.


What: Eskmo – Terra
Where: iTunes – Rs 80
Why: Eskmo’s latest is dreamier, more atmospheric and definitely more subdued than his previous work, but 2013 seems to be the year we’ll be hearing more music like this. If Eskmo’s goal here was to push a listener inwards to introspect, it’s a job well done. Totally worth your Rs 80.


What: Tipper – The Seamless Unspeakable Something
Where: iTunes – Rs 120
Why: I could wax lyrical about David Tipper’s genius but I’ll save my words for the rest of the artists here. The last Tipper was featured on NH7 was in this Five at 5 with the extensive Wobble Factor mix. The Seamless Unspeakable Something is an older release from 2007 that’s diverse and meditative.


What: Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper
Where: iTunes – Rs 100
Why: Ambient music, the kind that CBL makes, is worlds apart from the generic ambient “noise” you hear so often. Interloper is a fine example of music that is both new (for its release year of 2010) and old, in the sense that this could be homage to Boards of Canada on some level. Notice how most of these songs segue into one another beautifully. You’d think it’s easier to do that with ambient music, hell no, it’s way harder.


What: Robot Koch – Cosmic Waves
Where: iTunes – Rs 96
Why: Robot Koch on Cosmic Waves is definitely different from Robot Koch on The Other Side or Death Star Droid for that matter, but once again, Koch surprises by injecting his entirely experimental electronica with space-age beats that make you go whoa. Like all of Koch’s work, this is for a time and place. That time is now. The place is up to you.


What: Ladytron – Gravity The Seducer
Where: iTunes – Rs 120
Why: Ladytron are constantly evolving and the output on Gravity The Seducer doesn’t stymie that process. Hate it for being ever-so-slightly “ordinary” (new for Ladytron), but you can’t deny that most of it is a hair-raising listen. You won’t be disappointed.


What: Sensient – The Space Between
Where: iTunes – Rs 120
Why: Trance music barely ever makes to Rip ‘N’ Run but Sensient’s The Space Between is a stand out prog-psy album for it’s controlled-chaos experimentation style and its ability to keep you on the floor throughout. Do it.


What:  headshotboyz – Bushcrack Hills EP
Where: iTunes – Rs 72
Why: I’ve only recently been tuning in to headshotboyz, and their Bushcrack Hills EP from this year makes for a great experimental electronica listen. This is great for the weather outside and good to sit down and have a long think to.

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