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Big Bad Bass: Talking BASS CAMP

As BASS CAMP brings up #10 this weekend, we spoke to several performers who’ve played the festival in the past to find out what they thought about the event.

5 Jun, 2013

Siddhant Mehta

Contributing Writer

Fans of bass music are looking forward to a pretty stellar event this weekend with the latest of edition of the BASS CAMP Festival hitting Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune. We’re now up to BASS CAMP number ten and when it hits Mumbai this Friday (at the Blue Frog), we’ve got British-Norwegian drum ‘n’ bass veteran duo Calyx and TeeBee headlining the event. India too has a veteran at the event in the shape of Bangalore DJ Vachan Chinnappa, who was getting people to jump around like maniacs at Smash Up in Mumbai just a couple of months ago. Mumbai producer Sickflip opened Smash Up that night and is definitely going to want to add to his steady fan following by making a big impression at this edition ofBASS CAMP. While the lineup for #BassCamp10 looks pretty strong, we thought it would be a good time to look back at what should be considered one of India’s most important bass music platforms.

BASS CAMP started out in 2010 when KRUNK founder Sohail Arora decided to make bass music a regular fixture on the gig calendar. The quarterly festival has since gone on to feature a lot of big talents such as London Elektricity, Concord Dawn, Jazzsteppa, KOAN Sound and Dub Phizix, just to name a few. In this way, BASS CAMP turned into a festival that brought big talents in bass music and encouraged people around the country to come in and see some of the best in the business. BASS CAMP was never rooted to one city and each edition of the festival usually tours a few cities. The festival has taken place in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Goa. We spoke to some of the acts that performed in the last nine editions of BASS CAMP and they told us what they thought of the event and what their personal experiences were like.

Gal / Jazzsteppa: Best festival in Asia in my opinion- great crowds, loud sound systems and loads of bass. Sohail (Arora) and the gang are legendary at what they do and we hope to be back soon.

Jazzsteppa to make the people dance.

Jazzsteppa performing at BASS CAMP.

Matt Harvey / Concord Dawn: I was lucky enough to perform at BASS CAMP in 2012. Despite having traveled extensively over my last decade or so of DJing, that trip will remain one of my favourites for sure. To witness the blossoming of the Indian bass music scene was truly something special, and the enthusiasm and appreciation that radiated from the dance floor is something I will keep with me always. It reminded me of what is important about dance music, which is often lost in these modern times as “EDM” becomes increasingly about business rather than pleasure. If you told 12-year-old Matt that he would one day he would be spinning his own tunes in Bangalore or doing an encore in New Delhi, I think he would have been flabbergasted!

Jim Bastow / KOAN Sound: Playing at BASS CAMP Festival in Mumbai and Delhi was a really unique experience for us; it was incredible to play at the flash point of a rapidly growing scene on the other side of the world, and to feel part of creating something that was completely new and fresh in India. It was great to also be able to connect with people involved in the local scene who are equally as passionate about electronic music as ourselves, and are doing amazing things to push it forward and help the sound gain momentum.

Sanaya Ardeshir / Sandunes: I think it’s a great indoor concept festival and there aren’t too many of those around these parts. I guess people misconstrue the meaning of the word “festival” because they expect a large outdoor venue with tents and big stages. What I like about BASS CAMP is that it follows its concept which is to promote bass music in India. I enjoyed playing there because people like to come out and listen to the music rather than meet at a club and party. It’s always much better to play to that kind of crowd.

London Elektricity throwing down at a recent BASS CAMP in Mumbai.

London Elektricity throwing down at a recent BASS CAMP in Mumbai.

Tony Colman / London Elektricity: I had the time of my life playing on India. BASS CAMP, thanks for the opportunity!

Taru Dalmia / Delhi Sultanate: I really like it. It’s a platform that we’ve all created for the music which can be anything from reggae to drum ‘n’ bass. I think it’s definitely created a sense of community, at least it has here in Delhi.

Ashish Jose / Tarqeeb: The first time I ever heard a really good drum ‘n’ bass artist live was at BASS CAMP. It doesn’t get much bigger than BASS CAMP in that sense. When I finally got to play at the even it was alongsisde Dub Phizix and I’ve been listening to his music for about ten years now. It was a pretty awesome experience.


BASS CAMP Festival will take place on June 7 in Mumbai, June 8 in New Delhi, and June 9 in Pune. For more information about the venues and tickets check out the BASS CAMP Facebook page.

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