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Tough On Tobacco Release Sophomore Album Cover Art, Tracklist

“The album is called Big Big Joke and we’re releasing the second part before the first part because it is a big, big joke.” Frontman Sidd Coutto fills us in on ToT’s second.

10 May, 2013

Vishad Sharma

Contributing Writer

If there is one thing a lot of people have been waiting for, it is the apocalypse Tough On Tobacco‘s sophomore studio album. The Mumbai alt-rock band’s new record will finally be out on Wednesday, May 15 and the band have now released its album art and tracklist. Big Big Joke will be their first album in almost four years, the follow-up to 2009′s The Happy Goat (stream). The album is divided into two parts and the part that will be released on May 15 will be the second part. The first part of the album will be released some time later in 2013. We spoke to frontman Sidd Coutto to find out more

The album is called Big Big Joke and we’re releasing the second part before the first part because it is a big, big joke. The album was about 22 songs and people don’t really have the time to listen to 22 songs at a stretch so we thought, “Oh, let’s divide it into two parts,” and did that. There is a theme or a vibe that the album has, but that you’ll get only if you listen to the songs.

The band also took part in a pretty kvlt photo shoot (watch a behind-the-scenes video here) which saw them dress up as a typical, middle-class Indian family. The photos were shot by Roycin D’Souza. We asked Coutto why the band chose this particular theme for the shoot

We are a crazy band and we just do these things, man. ToT sort of happened after Helga’s Fun Castle was over, so a lot of that crazy stuff went into this. We all wanted to do a photoshoot and then Roycin came into the picture and we were discussing ideas and we decided to do this family idea. I wanted to get my hair cut in that style, like an uncle. So I did that and we all dressed up. It was a lot of fun and I love all the photos. I just open them up on my computer like six times a day and look and laugh. Maybe Part Two of the album should just be a photo album and Part One should be the music.

The album will be released with a gig at Blue Frog, Mumbai on May 15 and will be available for purchase via special download cards. The band will then embark on a multi-city tour of India promoting the record. Check out a full schedule below.

May 15 - Blue Frog, Mumbai
May 16 - Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi
May 23 - Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore
May 26 - Escape Festival, Naukuchiatal (read more about it here)
May 31 - The High Spirits Cafe, Pune
June 6 - Bomb Thursdays @ Kino 108, Mumbai w/Tint, Spook and Adam Avil.

Check out the album art and the tracklist for Big Big Joke (part two) below.

‘Do What You Gotta Do’
‘Follow Your Dreams’
‘Big Big Joke’
‘Love Love Love’
‘Blow Yourself Away’

Album Art

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