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Top 10 Indian Indie Band T-Shirts

  • 10. Skyharbor - 'Illusions'
    Delhi metal act Skyharbor have been on an upward ascent ever since the release of their debut album Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos (our review). The band's live performances have been well-received, and many young acts proudly boast "Our album was/will be produced by Keshav Dhar" as a magical badge of credibility. This Illusion-tastic tee was designed by Eshaan Sood of NamelessMerch and can be seen on discerning metalheads everywhere.
  • 9. Reggae Rajahs - 'Rajah Army'
    Delhi soundsystem Reggae Rajahs have put out their fair share of t-shirts, but this one, designed by the Rajahs themselves, is by far our favourite. "Wearing the T-shirt makes me feel like part of a secret, exclusive kings-of-reggae cult," said Indiecision sub-editor Abhimanyu Meer. He's right.
  • 8. Scribe - '1, 2, 3, 4, Dracula'
    Gunda banne ke liye, DANGER dikhna mangta.

    Scribe's '1 2 3 4 Dracula' tee is hardly dangerous. One might even say it's cute. We love Vishwesh Krishnamoothy's 8-bit design, though, and since it doesn't outwardly advertise the band's name, wearing it in the presence of people who aren't clued-in is sort of like screaming in code. We approve heartily. If you don't already have the tee, you can buy it for Rs 400 here.

    Pictured: a crusher of trends, rocking out at your friendly neighbourhood music festival.
  • 7. Inner Sanctum - 'Devouring Eye'
    My oh my. Bangalore thrash metallers Inner Sanctum spawned this Devouring Eye tee, designed by NamelessMerch's Gaurav Basu. It's visceral. It's beautiful. It's legible. It's everything you could want in a metal band tee. And it's available for Rs 599 here.
  • 6. Demonic Resurrection - 'Lord Of Pestilence'
    The hour of reckoning is now. And the Lord Of Pestilence will make the judgement. If you don't watch out, you WILL be devoured. You can buy this excellent DR tee here.

    Designed by Gaurav Basu of NamelessMerch.
  • 5. Goddess Gagged - 'Modern Machines'
    Mumbai post-hardcore act Goddess Gagged's 'Modern Machines' tee is quite self-evident. A clean design by NamelessMerch's Eshaan Sood and simple colours make for a great tee. This one isn't available in the market right now, so if you have it, cherish it.
  • 4. Bevar Sea - Purple Hooded Guy
    Bangalore doom metal act Bevar Sea released their debut album last year (check out pics from the launch gig here) and had a lot of great artwork to support it, all designed by Bevar Sea guitarist Rahul Chacko. The album's pre-order bundle included vibrantly designed posters, prints, and this appropriately intimidating t-shirt. Want it? Get it.
  • 3. Dualist Inquiry - 'Doppelganger'
    Delhi producer Dualist Inquiry just released his debut album, Doppelganger (check out a photo gallery from the launch gig), and with it, this sweet tee. The t-shirt uses the line art of the riotously colourful album cover designed by Harikrishnan Panicker, making it a great buy for people who love the design and Mr. Bakshi himself, but shy away from um, more colourful attire. It'll be available online soon. In the meantime, you can pick it up for Rs 500 at any of the gigs on his album launch tour (dates). You can also download Doppelganger for free here, and read a track-by-track dissection of the album here.
  • 2. Control ALT Delete III
    The penultimate garment on our list isn't just a band tee... it's a ten-band-tee. Designed by typography fiend Anish Sundaran for the third edition of Control ALT Delete, this t-shirt is a wearable version of the gig poster, also designed by Sundaran. Keeping in mind the DIY ethic behind the event, Sundaran hand-lettered and stencilled the design, resulting in an excellent collector's item. If you own this tee, consider yourself lucky, as the limited-edition design is off the shelves now.
  • 1. What me Zero?
    For many long-time scenesters, this was the quintessential Indian rock t-shirt. Mumbai alt-rockers Zero released this tee in 2003 and sold it the old-fashioned way - out of the trunk of a car at the end of their gigs. The caricatures of the four original members of the band were drawn by the immensely talented Sameer Kulavoor of Bombay Duck Designs. If you're one of the lucky ones who have it, FLAUNT it with pride.


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