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Rip ‘N’ Run – Deftones, Bonobo, Pond, Pendulum

We scoured the internet looking for the ten best deals in digital music this week. And now, we’re sharing the loot.

26 Mar, 2013

Adwait Patil

Contributing Writer

Taking cue from the irrefutable king of ripping and running, we bring you the sweetest, the most bomb dot com deals in digital music this week. And, we answer the three Ws for you too. 

What: Justice – Access All Arenas (Live)
Where: iTunes - Rs 70
Why: It’s fair to say that Justice are probably France’s biggest EDM export after Daft Punk. They’ve been rocking out festivals and other big shows ever since their debut Cross. This live show encapsulates Justice at their banging best. And for Rs 70, that’s a real deal.

What: Bonobo – Days To Come
Where: iTunes – Rs 80
Why: This is probably Bonobo’s most jazz-infused record. Taking nothing away from his new release The North Borders, if you dig the Jazz work Bonobo’s done on this record, you should get a copy for eighty bucks.

What: Pendulum – Hold Your Colour
Where: iTunes – Rs 120
Why: We’ve given you cheap Knife Party EP’s before. WTF? What has Knife Party got to do with Pendulum? Yeah. The two dudes from Knife Party play in this band. Pick it up, it’s original Aussie drum and bass music.

What: Pond – Frond
Where: iTunes – Rs 120
Why: The Aussie psychedelic rock band put out Beard,Wives and Denim in 2012. If you’re a fan of the band’s psychedelic melody’s laced reverb vocals, then we suggest you pick up their earlier work, Frond.

What: The Official NH7 Weekender Mixtape (WHUT)
Where: Flipkart – Rs 50
Why: This record has tracks only from artists who have played the NH7 Weekender. What better way to revive those Weekender memories than spin a 50-track mixtape? Also, all proceeds go to The Music Basti Project.

What: The Joy FormidableWolf’s Law
Where: iTunes – Rs 50
Why: The British band’s sophomore album proved to be a strong, polished release that saw them honing their craft and employing tactics that made it grand. At Rs 50, it’s a steal, so shut up and give them your money.

What: Deftones – Diamond Eyes
Where: iTunes – Rs 60
Why: The album was a return to form for the band, even described as “their best album” by critics and it’s on sale for Rs. 60.

What : The Raghu Dixit Project – The Raghu Dixit Project
Where : Flipkart – Rs 48
Why :  The Raghu Dixit Project is band that has increased in stature exponentially since their first gig. The Bangalore folk-rockers have played all over the world and in almost every corner of the country. They’re also slated to release their second record sometime soon. Time to brush up!

What : Split – Counting Perfume
Where : Flipkart – Rs 75
Why : One of Mumbai’s oldest bands, alt-rockers Split released their debut album almost ten years after forming. Their debut record consists of ten of their tracks (which you must’ve heard at a gig, or two) including ‘Holy Ghost Machine Gun’, which is a song some bands have tried covering.

What : Shaa’ir + Func – Mantis
Where : Flipkart – Rs 75
Why : Our editor gave it an A-. That should be enough. That, and this is the record that has the song ‘My Roots’, yeah.

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