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Five at 5 – Vol. 48 – Glitch Special

We end the week with a Glitch Special Five at 5. Do yourself a favour and tune in.

15 Mar, 2013

Abhimanyu Meer


The Indiecision Five at 5 is our attempt at sharing our musical tastes with you, and showcasing music from around the world. Each weekday at 5pm sharp, one NH7 writer or staffer will bring you five songs he/she is listening to on the day. These are five glitch-y tracks from some of my favourite producers.

1. Bran Richards + VENT – ‘The Fly’
This track featuring VENT has been stuck in my head for a while. There’s something in here, I don’t know what it is, that really, really makes me like the new Dualist Inquiry album more. I think all these dudes think alike, and then I think of how that isn’t humanly possible. Bran and VENT are up to no good here. Listen.

2. Dualist Inquiry – ‘Blitzkrieg’
There’s a good chance ‘Blitzkrieg’, my current favourite off Doppelganger, won’t be what I’ll remember the album most for. That’s because I spend more time thinking than I do dancing (on a daily basis) and that makes me lean toward the more contemplative Dualist Inquiry stuff. That said, ‘Blitzkrieg’ is a runaway smash off the album, and I’m kicked because I hear it live tonight.

3. VENT – ‘Bear Crunk’
From one song to another, VENT sound insanely different, yet manage to still stay VENT. Even though most of their music can be classified under bass music, they are not averse to breaks, upping tempos, or straight up assaulting your ears with low end. ‘Bear Crunk’ is a nice way to enter a room shuffling.

4. Blunt Instrument – ‘Tea Party’
Why is no one talking about Blunt Instrument? Don’t be shy. Talk about Blunt Instrument.

5. Tipper – ‘Wobble Factor’ DJ Mix
I was gonna throw Tipper’s ‘Off Kilter’ in here and then I felt like making more of a noise about Tipper since he’s one of my absolute favourite producers. This is not his signature style, and like all my favourite producers, he works across styles and manages to leave his stamp right in there. Start to finish, this mix is amazing, and this album is a must have for fans of bass music.

Check out previous editions of Five at 5 here, and stay tuned for more picks from NH7, Monday through Friday.

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