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“Captain Awesome, Need Cool Beach Music I Can Nod Out To”

Someone needs to get the world off his shoulders by chilling out on a beach. Captain Awesome to the rescue!

15 Mar, 2013

Captain Awesome

The Awesomest Captain Ever

It’s Mixtape March here at NH7.in and Captain Awesome is back. Captain Awesome’s mission is to save the world, one mixtape at a time.

Dear Captain Awesome, I am a person that feels he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. I am stressed out at home, and at work, thanks in part to my shitty chair, my fading good looks and my imbecilic colleagues. I’m planning on spending all of Saturday and Sunday in my balcony pretending I’m on a beach and I need some cool beach music I can nod out to while I smoke a fatty and think of chicks in bikinis. Please help me. I don’t have a picture I can give you because I’m not looking that great nowadays.

Dear Shoulder Dude, It’s funny you should mention beaches and backs because I’ve just been to some great beaches and got my back massaged by some cool chicks in bikinis and I was listening to some great music while doing that so it’s really simple to make this mixtape for you. It really sucks that your colleagues are imbeciles. I hope you can enjoy this mixtape I’ve made for you.


‘Here Comes The Hot Stepper’ – Ini Kamoze
‘Shove This Jay Oh Bee’ – Canibus with Biz Markie
‘Idlewild Blue’ – Outkast
‘Relax’ – Das Racist
‘Simmer Down’ – Bob Marley and The Wailers
‘Lighters Up’ – Snoop Lion ft. Mavado & Popcaan
‘Cays Crays’ – Fat Freddy’s Drop
‘Smoke Some Ganja’ – Helga’s Fun Castle
‘What’s The Deal?’ – 28 Days
‘Santeria’ – Sublime

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