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The Goa Project Keynote Speakers Announced

The Goa Project has got some pretty interesting speakers lined up so far. We’ve got details.

13 Mar, 2013


Indiecision Staff

The Goa Project is an unconvention that is being organised in Goa between March 28 and 29. The event will take place at the Marbella Beach Resort in North Goa and will see attendees from various walks of life attending in order to promote an ideological exchange that can affect how we view the world, which is probably why you should attend. The conference will feature six broad tracks in the fields of Music and Performing Arts, Society, Entrepreneurship, Visual Arts and Design, Film and Fringe. The conference will feature speakers who will present theories and ideas on each of these broad tracks, leading to specific discussions under the main categories.

The updated list of speakers has now been released and three keynote speakers have been confirmed as well. The keynote speakers that have been announced as of now are Dr. Sunita Maheshwari (Chief Dreamer, Teleradiology Solutions), John Kuruvilla (founder, Taggle.com) and Vijay Nair (CEO, Only Much Louder). More details regarding the speakers and their talks to come soon.

Check out the list as of now.

1. Bharat S/Vikram K of Krav Maga India.
2. Joy Bhattacharya, CEO – Kolkata Knight Riders.
3. Mahesh Murthy – Pinstorm

1. Aditya Dev Sood, Founder, CEO – Centre for Knowledge Societies
2. Rahul Srivastava & Matias Echanove – Urbanologists
3. Abhinav Kumar – One of the creators of the Rural Utility Vehicle.
4. Venkatesh Hariharan – An Open Source evangelist who also works with Google as an online advisor

1. Shiladitya Bora – Content and Marketing at PVR Cinemas
2. Seema Rahmani – Actor
3. Sharan Reddy – Founder, Indee.tv
4. S. Sashikanth – Founder, Y NOT Studios

Music and Performing Arts
1. Abhishek Singh – Artist, comic creator
2. Aghor Music Mystics and the Vayuputra Series – A contemporary fusion music project called Aghor and their new album Vayuputras.
3. Chandrashekar Vinayakam – Percussion in Carnatic Music, A Presentation
4. Anshulika Dubey – of crowd-funding platform Wishberry
5. Arundhati Ghosh – Deputy Director, India Foundation for the Arts
6. AudioPervert (Samrat B) of Teddyboykill on Charanjit Singh and the Bant Singh Project.
7. P. Madhavan – Executive Director of Goa Centre for Alternative Photography – Workshop on Movement Photography
8. Interactive Performances Workshop by Priyanka Patel and Anurag Dhondutayal of Looking Glass
9. Beat Boxing Workshop by Vineeth Vincent

Visual Arts & Design
1. Anders Sandell – Designer at Tank and Bear
2. Sean BlagsvedtBabajob.com

1. Storify Your Pitch by Amrutash Mishra

This is not the final lineup of speakers who will participate at the Goa Project. Apart from these, more additions will be announced prior to the project actually taking place.

The Goa Project will take place at Marbella Beach on March 28 and 29 and tickets to the event will set you back Rs 5,000. Check out the project website here and stay tuned for more from The Goa Project.

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