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Preview: Dualist Inquiry Doppelganger Launch @ Blue Frog, Mumbai

All the scoop on why you should be at the Dualist Inquiry Doppelganger launch gig this Friday.

13 Mar, 2013

Abhimanyu Meer


Sahej ‘Dualist Inquiry’ Bakshi is a rare breed of artist/musician. Ever since his arrival onto the Indian indie EDM scene, he’s managed to set dancefloors ablaze all the while raising questions about his musical style, his performance aesthetic, his choice in t-shirts, his million-dollar-grin and what not. That, in fact, is the best thing about Dualist Inquiry and his music. In an idea-stripped world of EDM that is often so similar release-after-release that it completely banishes any afterthought, Bakshi’s music is the breath of fresh dance ideology that also makes people think. Every track he’s ever released is wrought with emotion (more on that from the man himself later), and even though his massive fan base largely comprises E(very)DM lovers, Bakshi has made it his goal to also cater to the patient, analytical, musical aficionado.

On Friday, he releases Doppelganger, his widely anticipated debut full-length album and backs it up with a massive countrywide tour (details) that kicks off at Mumbai’s Blue Frog. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that Doppelganger is the most widely-anticipated Indian indie release this year (anticipation stretching way back to the first whiff of a new DI album last year). I’ve had the pleasure of regular listens to the album over the last few weeks, and can testify to its emotional depth, musical diversity, and its feel-fucking-amazing quality. The nine tracks on Doppelganger will undoubtedly have fans across the board playing the shit out of them over the foreseeable future (with so many releases dropping this year, I obviously can’t predict that far ahead, really). Stream ‘Specter’, the first track off Doppelganger below, and go here for a free download of the song.

Mumbai’s album-launching show will see Bakshi perform Doppelganger live, in its entirety. The live long-play format is also set to be more immersive and commanding of attention because of Bakshi’s exciting new audio-visual setup, a custom-made 3D projection mapping rig that will display synchronized visuals throughout his set. A la Daft Punk, Bakshi will perform from within this structure. We spoke with Sahej Bakshi today, ahead of Friday’s album launch show to know more about the new setup.

The rig we’re using hasn’t been shown off live yet, but has already gone through its beta phase, if you want to call it that. The idea for it was always based around projection mapping; something that I found was a fascinating concept in terms of matching visuals to music. The idea is pretty simple – synched visuals, but stuff that is created specifically or adapted specifically to the song. It’s a big, 100-kilo setup we’re touring with, flight cases and all. It’s elaborate. My partners in this are Activ8 media – Aman and Prashant who are two really talented visual designers from Delhi, an animator called Tara Bakshi and stage designer Ananya Berry. Scoop Productions created the actual rig.

It was always a dream in my head to have a custom made rig to play from. I’m super excited and it should be great.

Complementing Bakshi on the night’s bill is Mathias Stubo, whose trio will also bring live instrumentation to the console in the their set, one that’s definitely in sync with Dualist Inquiry’s live aesthetic, but pretty much a world away in terms of sound. Led by the 21-year-old Stubo, a DJ/multi-instrumentalist, the trio will be touring the country for the second time (their first time being part of India Music Week back in 2011). What I’ve heard of Stubo on his Soundcloud harks back to some of the best Nordic electronica there exists, case in point – the IDM-leaning, nu-bass stylings of the legendary Sofus Forsberg. With DJ Kimchi on turntables, and Johan Simonsen on drums, Stubo and band will undoubtedly look to impress and engage what will imaginably be a very excited crowd. It’s a must-watch set, guaranteed. Stream a sweet Mathias Stubo (Proviant Audio) disco track to get you going.

Ez Riser aka Sohail Arora (BBC/KRUNK) will take over controls of the deck and floor just before Dualist Inquiry, and it’s a safe bet to expect a classic Ez Riser set from Arora that’s sure to feature some big dance-floor grooves peppered with the latest glitch-hop and bass music. Ez Riser’s last show at Friday’s Smash Up in Mumbai was remembered by many as the highlight of the night, a set that culminated in a speaker falling to the floor when Ez dropped the bass towards the end of the night. Plug in and listen to him flesh out some fresh glitch-hop in his brand new mix for The Wild City below:

Kicking off the night will be Mumbai DJ duo Madboy/Mink. Fresh off a performance at LFTC a couple of weeks ago that left much to be desired from an excited weekend crowd at Mehboob Studios, they’ll look to up their game (considerably) opening for the country’s biggest EDM star. Their nu-disco/indie electronica style with a glaze of live vocals and guitar should kick off the night on an agreeable note.

The night’s schedule looks like this, and we recommend you get their early. Blue Frog will be packed to the rafters tables.

10:00 – 10:30pm: Madboy/Mink
10:30 – 11:15pm: Mathias Stubo
11:15 – 12:00am: Ez Riser
12:00 – 1:30am: Dualist Inquiry

We’re expecting Dualist Inquiry’s album launch show to kick off the weekend big, so make sure you’re there and not missing any of it. If you can’t make it, send your doppelgänger. If it’s a girl, she’ll enter free.

Dualist Inquiry’s Doppelganger Album Launch will start off at 10:00pm on Friday, March 15, at the Blue Frog, Mumbai and will set you back Rs 600 post-9pm. Check out the Doppelganger tour poster below.


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